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This...Makes me want to quit...

Dec 18, 2008
level 28 fire, captain vs life, fire, balance, death, and storm all in there 40's.
I won a few got 4 points.....I lost, I lost 24. Anything wrong there? Anything at besides me fighting people 10 levels above me? I mean so what if there only private, but killing someones that 10 levels above you takes some work. But to only get 4points when you kill them, and lose a whole rank when you lose to them? Something's wrong here. I mean this new pvp system is horrible. KI maybe look into that?

Jul 23, 2009
I feel for you. I have experienced the same thing. My level 30 fire often gets paired with grands. Even if a grand is horrible, it doesn't require a whole lot of skill to put up a blade and hit.

At level 30, I dont have much life so it takes ALOT of work by me just to get through their life points and most of the time i get between 1-3 points, SOMETIMES 4-5.

The risk to reward ratio is horrible! KI really needs to do something about it. At least make it so that when you kill a grand as a lower to mid level player, you get 10 points.