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Stop healing! That's cheating!!

Apr 23, 2009
lianwham wrote:
sparky1233334444 wrote:
Those of you who fought an enemy in PvP who heals a lot. PATIENCE! Then they'll run ut of mana/cards and lose!

hmm well you cant run out of mana in pvp and neither do bosses so that isnt exactly true but if the person heals to much you can easily keep taking shields then one or too turn kill them

liam titanflame commander :D
angel shadowrider captain :-)

Sure, they can't run out of mana, but they can always run out of cards! Anyways,I think it's not cheating either, it's kind of like ice without high health. Storm without high damage. Myth without minions. Life without healing!
Each school is COMPLETELY different, so Life should be different with healing. And it is. I agree with you completely.
Kimberly balance level 48 (no nova yet :( )

Nov 26, 2009
MysticMight11 wrote:
No, it's not. I'm tired of people in PvP telling me that they're going to "report" me if I heal and that healing is considered "cheating."

If healing was considered cheating - It wouldn't even be in the game in the first plays.
MILLIONS of players would be breaking the rules.
There wouldn't be so many ways to heal in the game.
The Life school wouldn't exist, along with many other spells.

I'm a Life student (level 47), and have been playing this game for well over two years. The maturity in PvP and understand rules has dropped since this first came out. I cannot tell you how many times I get falsely reported because I heal.

Telling a life student not to heal is like telling a Myth student you can't summon help.
Telling a Storm student that they're not allowed to use blades/traps because their spells are strong enough as is.
Or telling a Balance student they can't Judgment because it's way too "overpowered".

Come on now, it's not that it's cheating, or it's unfair. It's that people are becoming lazy in their strategies and refuse to learn new ones to get back at their opponent and finish them off.

Thanks -
Jesse DeathHeart, Master Theurgist, player of Wizard101 for over two years.

I am a life lvl 60, and i also have an ice and a storm legendary. If you are in pvp and you are not life and against a life you can still win. There is nothing wrong with healing, because if life only heal they cant kill you. You just have to power multible spells up and attack one after another.

Elie Winter, Luis Mistflower, and Logan Bearfountain

Jan 17, 2010
I love hearing any complaint about any spell I use. Hey, each school has a specialty, it may work against your school, get over it. Either lvl up another school to use also or be prepared to adjust your play style.

I love "shield noob", that is my personal favorite. Yah, stopping damage so I don't die, something a noob would do right? Yeaaaaahhhhhhh...... LOL.

Same as the heal complaint. I don't care if that is all that life wizard does every round is heal, they are spells from their school, it is fair play. If you don't like it, don't pvp.

I agree 100%

Feb 28, 2010
I really wish that people in PVP would stop trying to impose their own beliefs and strategies on others.

If you choose not to heal or use shields, then that's your business, but if the opponent uses a strategy to heal and use shields that's their business.

I'm tired of going into PVP and being called a noob sometimes cause i cast a tower once in a while, or use a low level spell with garg... I choose the way I want to play!

If a spell is at my disposal to use, then I'll use it... if you lose to me because of it, I'm not a noob due to it, you're the loser as you chose not to!

Oct 02, 2010
dez123 wrote:
This is getting annoying it's like the person is almost dead and the pet heals them before your turn. I really hate those pets. I don't think they should bann healing its like banning shields and blades and pvps would last longer I mean way longer so this isn't really cheating its just part of the game

okay i don't know why you think that what the point of palying pvp if you can't heal i mean i'm PYROMANCER LVL 45 and i don't have no iusse on people healing because i will just use my HECKHOUND next few rounds and BOOM! they dead

Hunter Redblood lvl 45

p.s. mauhahahaha pyromancers RULEZ the world

Sep 01, 2009
vonawesome1 wrote:
darthjt wrote:
vonawesome1 wrote:
darthjt wrote:
vonawesome1 wrote:
I am a Level 50 Balance wizard, and I have this to say:

Picture this: You are at full health, and have your opponent down to pretty-much nothing, when he pulls his 1200-point heal out of nowhere, complete with boosts (because he's a theurgist, with first-cast advantage) and is back up to full health (2780, or something) in two rounds. Even if it's not "cheating", in the sense that we know it, how is this fair?

The guy I fought even said, "you had me, until I started healing". Now, if that isn't a kick in the face, I don't know what is.

Really not feeling the love for nature,

Laura Shadowsong
Grandmaster Sorcerer

Everyone has the ability to heal themself. Granted, that Life has an easier time of it, since they get to use power pips on heals. Also, I also want to interject that Balance has Helping Hands, another great Heal that can be boosted, and Death has Sacrifice, which can also be boosted. Everyone can choose their ring and athame, get boosts for healing, buy treasure healing boosts. Even buy entangle to prevent healing, or cast the death spell that knocks healing down 50%. There is a counter to everything, so if you take the time, learn it, why do others consider it is unfair to use it?

You are right, in the sense that every school has some sort of heal. Still, the balance heal costs 3 pips and, even with a boost, there's no way that all 7 (we're only allowed that many in a deck at a time) combined could heal me back to full health in 2 rounds. Also, since Life can use power-pips on heals, they can save the rest and hit you with 2 centaurs in a row; by the time I have enough pips to do any real damage, I'm already dead.

I have never seen these 40% boosts you speak of anywhere, either, except on a friend of mine who is a level 50 theurgist- are they something that, unless you're a theurgist, you're supposed to make yourself? I might agree with you more if the schools were evenly-matched, but they aren't- for the sake of my own sanity, someone needs to tell me what I'm doing wrong (someone once went as far as to say that balance is not made for pvp and shouldn't be there in the first place) before I go postal.

I guess it just drives me nuts that they have such an obvious advantage- it's like trying to kill a cockroach, in the sense that cutting its head off won't make a bit of difference because it can still survive for up to 10 days without one. I used to really like this game, but it's little things like this that really test my patience.

Based on some of the other comments you've made to me, I'm guessing that you are a Life mage and have never faced one in PvP with another class (mine, specifically). In the off-chance that I am completely wrong, please bottle your secret and sell it, because I'm dying to know how you do it without ripping your hair out.


If you go to the bazaar and look under treasure cards, go to life and look for guiding light. They have a 40% heal boost and a 45% heal boost. They are not always there, so you might have to keep checking.

Also, look for incoming/outgoing heal boosts for your ring and athame. When you get high enough, you can get 21% increases.

Now, you take 1 Helping hands, adding in a guiding light, plus the 21% increases, and if you get a critical, you can heal around 2000 health with 1. So, as you have stated about using all 7 and not getting full health, you are wrong, you just have to learn how.

Don't know where you're getting your gear, but the highest-level Balance rings/athames I've seen only offer a 9 percent boost to incoming heals; I've also got a 44% critical rating (not sure if it's altogether or from just one piece) and have only seen it happen once. Maybe if every piece of gear we have had a 9% boost on it, the numbers you just listed would be a bit more believable.

And those heal-boosts? Got one as a drop once, and have never seen one again except, like I mentioned previously, on a level 50 theurgist. And, before you jump to conclusions, I am not one of those people who cry for teammates to heal me during fights- I do it myself and, if I happen to die, I just start over- it's easy, and there's no theurgist required. The only real "bad" things about the Life school are the people who pester you for heals; heck, people bug ME for heals, so it's not even exclusive to them.

I've also noticed that you have been following me around this forum, for the sole purpose of disagreeing with everything I say- instead of outing your superiority-complex and saying "oh, you're wrong", why don't you explain exactly WHAT is wrong and how to fix it. The only thing weaker than my school is your argument.



If you wander around Celestia, or want to pay 10 times the actual amount in the Bazaar, you will find athames and rings that combined give a 15-21% boost to heals. Granted you may lose health and/or mana, but if you want mega heals, that's how to do it. Some of them are not limited to a school, and they do help a lot. I have a Life legendary, and PvP-ing with her is horrible. Yes, I can heal, but the last time I dueled, it was against a Legendary storm, and I lasted all of about 10 minutes before Storm Lord stunned me, thus not allowing me to heal for a round, and the a bladed and feinted Triton lopped off my head. I won't PvP with my Life wizard ever again. BUT I don't fuss or complain, I simply don't PvP. I'd rather farm Celestia and craft Grand Master Artisan items :D


Erin Ice Weaver

Jun 21, 2009
I KNOW!!!!!!!!! It is so so so annoying the way these people act when you pull off a satyr or something and they're all "Cheater! Report ya!" And I don't think it should be allowed so if they report you report them back for false accusations.

Aug 25, 2010
supermage159 wrote:
People its just a game! Whether you win or lose doesnt matter. If someone on there team heals and your team can't, then you will not like it. If someone on your team heals, and other team doesn't, then you will like it and they will hate it. If its on both sides, it will take skill of both healer and other people to beat the opposing team.

If KI created (not sure if they have) a thing that you pick the rules, then most players will pick no healing, no shielding what so ever. Think about most life students, it might be a little challenging for them (not saying there weak.) So all of you people that says its cheating, stop it right now. healing is a part of the game.

One more thing, stop yourself and think. If you have ever died have you said "Heal Me!" or anything related to that?

I argee

Aug 20, 2009
the peolple who say " no healing or ill report you " dont relize if they send a report because some one was healing in pvp your not going to be hurt the person who sent the report will be hurt since what you did didnt break any of the rules so its a false report. and as many of us know if you send a false report the person you reported wont be in trouble you the person who sent the report will be in trouble.

Apr 10, 2009
sparky1233334444 wrote:
Those of you who fought an enemy in PvP who heals a lot. PATIENCE! Then they'll run ut of mana/cards and lose!

Yea most life wizards i fought they always have a reshuffle with them. But thats why you trian for reshuffle too.

Apr 17, 2011
it all so like saying a ice wizard cant have so much heath :?

-ice wizard

Jun 10, 2009
Dec 04, 2009
life schools meant to heal and thats what they should always do i mean in a 2v2, if you low on health the healer has to heal, right? but yes in 1v1 is the different story is quite annoying but you have to get through it...there is a way of stop this happening e.g. dispeling and infection spells will help plus you can reschuffle as well (:

Kiley RainbowFlower
Warlord Thaumaturge

Mar 07, 2009
i get this a lot now because of my fierce hound and it's talent spirtely