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pvp should never have existed.

Jun 13, 2009
lol I know how you feel, people can be mean. I personally hated it when I was a private always being paired with warlords, it can be...irritating. What I did to solve this issue was to pair with another warlord of the same level, this way the rankings evened out and we fought corporals, privates, and sergeants which were much easier duels to win. Sometimes we fought another pair of warlords but we had a strategy and worked as a team and won. Just keep trying, once you rank up a bit duels will become easier trust me. After all you only fail when you stop trying

Mason Greenbane Exalted

Dec 20, 2008
Sorry, I just don't agree with this. I'm quite aware that PvP actually constitutes a grand fraction of Kingsisle's members and keeps them coming back for more. Not only that but PvP is personally my favorite aspect of the game and without it I don't even think I would play this game...