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PvP Shadow Pip Idea

Sep 12, 2010
As probably many of you know, Shadow pips are a big problem right now to the PvP system. The person who gets a shadow pip first will usually win since they are so overpowered, especially in quick match tournaments. I was wondering if there could be ways to eliminate this problem to balance it out to make PvP a bit more "fair." For example, we could nerf Shadow infused spells to deal only half damage during PvP so the damage is not excessive. Yes, the critical update has definitely helped, but these spells can still deal damage of around 10k which is DOUBLE most character's health. Another idea is to ban shadow spells from PvP, but since we are in 3rd age this would make a whole entire new start to a 4th age PvP. This would not likely happen, but would be an interesting twist for possibly a tournament idea.

Besides Shadow Pips being an issue, the person who goes second deserves some sort of benefit besides the extra pip. This extra pip nowadays does nothing since everything revolves around the Shadow Pip. I know it gets said a lot, but PvP is still not "fair," nor is any other game's system, but still, changes regarding Shadow pips need to be dealt with soon.

PvP is definitely frustrating if you lose, but if you consistently lose by going second, or due to someone else getting a Shadow Pip, then you know something needs to be modified so it balances out the system a bit more.

If you guys have any other replies, feel free to let your voice be heard. We all know this can be a problem, so please don't write while angry!

Dec 26, 2008
I completely agree with you that there needs to be a fix to the value of Shadow Pips, but I'm not entirely on board with how you want to deal with the Shadow Enhanced spells.

1. Deal half damage

Making the S/E spells deal half damage would nerf them past the point of being valuable. They would deal pretty much the expected damage of a Rank 5-6 spell, completely eliminating the worth of the Shadow Pip in the 1st place.

Some exampes:

  • Glowbug Squall would deal 610 Base for 5 Pips and 1 Shadow Pip while Storm Lord deals 80 more damage for 2 more Pips and Stuns. Therefore, where is the inherent value of the Shadow Pip?
  • Call of Khrulhu would deal 415 Base for 5 Pips and 1 Shadow Pip while Scarecrow does only 15 less for 2 more Pips. 15 more damage and 2 less Pips in return for the Shadow Pip, that's not worth basing a strategy of off. Not too many Death wizards would risk it. Just use the Shadow Pip to Shrike and then Scarecrow the next Round.

This could work if the chance to get a Shadow Pip was like 50%+, but keep in mind that Wizards won't be (or shouldn't be) manifesting Shadow Pips anywhere near as fast as they are Power Pips. So you need to get at least some value out of them.

2. Remove entirely from PvP

Removing an element completely from play is never a solution, it's basically like hitting a panic button. I truly believe the best course of action is to balance an unhealthy element, not take it away. Shadow Pips do have the ability to provide a new strategic avenue for Wizards, which is a really good thing, but only if the value of the cards/Shadow Pips is reasonable, not overwhelming.

My personal suggestion

I won't explain my theory here, but I did in a recent post that I'll link below. Let me know what you think!~