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Shadow Enhanced Spell Nerf / Balance

Dec 26, 2008
Essentially, these are my ideas to hopefully balance out Max PvP by making Shadow Enhanced spells +3 the Pip worth a regular spell of that school would be. Ex. A 5 Pip Shadow Enhanced Spell would have the Power of an 8 Pip Regular Spell, not an 11 Pip one.

These are my own personal visions of how I'd like to see the spells changed, I definitely want to hear anyone else's thoughts and ideas as well and hopefully KI will see this and really consider it. Also, when I reference "Pip Value" I define that as being 100 damage per Pip and for spells with damage ranges, I'll consider the average as the true damage value.

Glowbug Squall - Rank 5 Shadow Enhanced (Rank 8 Value)
840 Damage to all enemies. Remove all Positive Charms.

- Reduced Damage by 380 from 1220 to 840.
- When compared with Storm Lord (7) and Sirens (9), all 3 stay relatively close to Pip Value with damage to all enemies and a nice "neutralizing" effect. Glowbug Squall retains value by remaining as only a 5-Pip cost while dealing close to a 9-Pip in damage while Sirens regains value as 's hardest hitting Set-Damage AoE with a duo-effect.
- Also fixes the issue of Squall dealing more damage than a full 14-Pip Tempest while having an amazing side effect for less than half the potential Pip cost.

Fire From Above - Rank 5 Shadow Enhanced (Rank 8 Value)
755 - 955 Damage. +25% next 3 incoming Spells.

- Reduced Damage by 345 from 1100 - 1300 to 755 - 955.
- When compared with Efreet(8) and Helephant(6), all 3 deal almost 100 more damage over the Pip Value, with Efreet having the nice -90% as a bonus for the Pip Cost. Fire From Above is closer to but still slightly above Pip Value but retains overall value by being one of the hardest-hitting and effective Offensive set-up tools for while Efreet retains its niche of high damage + high security.

Abominable Weaver - Rank 5 Shadow Enhanced (Rank 8 Value)
650 - 850 Damage. -75% next incoming hit.

- Reduced Damage by 300 from 950 - 1150 to 650 - 850.
- When compared with Lord Of Winter(10), Weaver is the one that falls short of Pip Value, with Lord of Winter also retaining the better effect as a reward for the Pip Cost. However, Abominable Weaver still holds a niche in having the strongest Universal Shield in game as a bonus effect.

Gaze of Fate - Rank 5 Shadow Enhanced (Rank 8 Value)
275 Damage and 475 , , , , or damage. +35% .
- Reduced Damage by 350 from 1100 to 750.
- Increased Global Boost from 25% to 35%.
- When compared with Sabertooth(10), the Rank 10 spell deals 50 more damage than Pip Value while Gaze of Fate deals 50 under Pip Value. Sabertooth regains overall value by packing a bit of a heavier punch for its Pip cost coupled with Defensive pressure while Gaze of Fate retains value with its relatively decent damage coupled with the utility of Multi-Hitting and setting up high Global Pressure. This really highlights Gaze's use as a Utility spell rather than a Burst. (Not Both)

Out of space.

Dec 26, 2008
Mystic Colossus - Rank 5 Shadow Enhanced (Rank 8 Value)
595 Damage to all enemies. Remove all Wards.

- Reduced damage by 285 from 880 to 595.
- When compared with Humongofrog(4) and Earthquake(6), all 3 fall pretty far below Pip Value with Humongofrog 105 below, Earthquake 290 below and Mystic Colossus 205 below. Mystic Colossus is much more similar to Earthquake in effect with Earthquake's relatively lower damage being justified by its ability to remove both Wards and Charms in comparison to Mystic's ability to only remove the former. Therefore, Mystic Colossus retains value with its increased damage + Offensive pressure while Earthquake retains its niche of wiping the entire slate clean.

Hungry Caterpillar - Rank 5 Shadow Enhanced (Rank 8 Value)
650 - 850 Damage. Absorb 600 Damage.

- Reduced damage by 300 from 950 - 1150 to 650 - 850.
- Reduced Absorb amount from 800 to 600.
- This spell can be seen as a fusion of Centaur(6) and Spirit Armor(3), with Centaur falling 45 damage under Pip Value and Spirit Armor protecting for 100 above. In comparison, Hungry Caterpillar hits only 50 below for damage but compensates with a 600 Absorb, for little cost. Granted, it can still be Pierced or stolen, slightly lowering its overall true Defensive value.

Call Of Khrulhu - Rank 5 Shadow Enhanced (Rank 8 Value)
480 Steal Health and +25% next incoming hit to all enemies. Convert half to .

- Reduced damage by 350 from 830 to 480.
- Added "Trap" effect.
-The obvious comparison to make with Call Of Khrulhu would be with Scarecrow(7), another Steal Health AoE for similar Pip Value. Scarecrow deals 300 under Pip Value while Call of Khrulhu is relatively weaker in damage sitting 320 below. The latter compensates for this by also inflicting a +25% Universal negative Ward on the entire enemy team; a form of Utility yet to be seen in a damaging AoE spell that sets it apart from Scarecrow and offers much strategic opportunity for Team Play and Individual Play.