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Pvp Rank System

Jul 18, 2010
Alright, this is a not a complaint thread, just trying to show how messed up the current ranking system is. I am currently working on getting to war lord rank so I can get the envied war lord clothes. My rank right now is Captain.

What really iritates me is after winning a dual against privates, I gain only usually 7 rank every fight. Than when I lose to a high lvl private I lose at least 20 rank. How is that fair? Just because they stink at pvp and are a private I should get punished because they are a high lvl?

King Isle, you seriously need to change the Pvp System. We should lose and gain the same rank no matter what rank a person is, or at least not so drastic a difference. Something like 5 rank loss for losing and 10 rank gain for winning may be.

It seems at the moment the only way to be a warlord is:
A. Find a really good team mate for 2v2.
B. Use the "Cheap spells" such as wild bolt and other one hit killers.
C. Be a really low lvl and 2v2 with a grand. This seems to go around the system and you are matched up with lower lvls.
D. Get lucky and fight people easy to kill.

Thanks for reading my post. :-) Oh, and don't tell me to learn a strategy, get some skills, blah blah blah. I have talked with many people and they agree the system is messed up. Benjamin Darkhunter- Lvl 28 Balance/Death.

Jul 18, 2010