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PvP Changes

Dec 19, 2008
Jun 13, 2010
Prospector Zeke wrote:
Player vs Player
In the next few days we will be implementing a temporary solution to the problem of chain stunning in the Player vs Player Arena. When a player is stunned, four Stun Shields will appear instead of one. Please note this is only a temporary solution while we investigate other ways to resolve the issue of chain stunning in the Arena.

i think you should also let people in the ranked match pick who they want ot fight with. i mean its not fair that a level 30 like me should fight a grandmaster with a whole lot of reesistance againts everything and have powerful spells.

Oct 08, 2010
Fixables wrote:
Can you also look into adjusting the points system?

I have a level 5 Fire commander with full gear, and I fight up to level 27 wizards, which i win most of them.

My gripe is that I only win 3-6 points with those level wizards, but lose 25 points when i lose to a level 25?? And BTW, i use no treasures, so i cant be penalized for that.

I just got out of a match and beat a level 27 fire. Won 1 point!!!!

One loss equals 7 wins?? Hmm.

Same with me. I think that you should get more points if you beat a lvl higher than you, and lose more points if you lose to a lower lvl.