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Problems At The Beginning

Feb 13, 2010
Every time I battle my friend I have some type of problem. One of them is when you go to the arena. I've noticed that when it fills your health up, it doesn't fill your mana. That just is not fair. Another which never happens to me, but my friend, by the way I like it when it does this, when the only person on team run out of cards it says the other person won. I like this problem because it never happens to me. It happens to my friend. Thank you for listening.

Morgan DreamBlossom LvL 30 Proud and Faithful Balance Student

I am very close to LvL 31! Can't wait!

May 02, 2009
in pvp arena, you don't use mana to cast spells. You still have to get the spell's required pips to use it, but you never use mana (hence the minus 100% mana on the veteran and commander armor).

As for the other one, i'm not sure that's much of a problem, as one of their teammates can simply use reshuffle on them, and their back in the game.

Hope I helped some.