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Level 75 Rank 5 Minion Suggestion

Community Leader
During the Aquila update back in 2013, we were introduced to new rank 5 minions at level 75. These minions are currently are restricted for use in the PvP scene.
In the current meta of PvP, many people are accustomed to those fast paced matches due to how people use enhanced spells & how they can easily change the direction of a match. Many of the PvPers came together to create the Community Christmas Clash. We used the 2015 & 2016 tournament to get an in depth analysis of how people strategize. During the tournament, members of the community suggested how we should make the rules for the tournament & people felt that enhanced spells were unbalanced. We noticed that many players do not normally use their own school minions in PvP (other than Talos for wizards).
Other than the 0 Pip Golem Minion, PvPers simply just did not use minions that much in PvP. As a Max 120 wizard, we can easily kill a minion in one turn, making the minion be a waste of pips. I personally see no reason whatsoever for the Rank 5 minions to not be allowed in the current meta of PvP. Since the minions are slightly more powerful than our Rank 3 minions, (although as a Max 120 they still won't necessarily do too much damage since the minions can't actually enchant their own spells) I feel as if the no PvP restriction should be removed due to the level progression as well as the fact that they are nonetheless balanced compared to enhanced spells. If this change actually happened, it may make the PvP scene a bit more creative & interesting since we won't necessarily be able to kill the minions in one turn.
Now with the current meta, enhanced spells might make these minions obsolete, but at least it helps bring in a little diversity in the current meta. The minions don't do anything too powerful to where they would have to be restricted to PvE only.
~ Michael Firehammer

DuelCircle Media Lead Organizer! Check us out here for all things PvP! (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚
Jul 11, 2009
Level 75 minions should be allowed in pvp.

Community Leader
Jun 14, 2016
The stats are problematic when you're only level 75. Perhaps the pip costs could be raised by 2?

Jan 17, 2013
I agree they should be allowed. The current meta needs more variety and creativity in it, and allowing the level 75 minions would be a step in the right direction.

Jul 25, 2010
There's a lot of information to soak in here. The minions pale in comparison to the rank 5 shadow spells, but it's rather unusual that they're allowed while the minions aren't. It's easy to argue everything for the minions, not just because it's the same rank as the rank 5 shadow spells, but how it adds diversity and flavor to the PvP environment. For instance, adding the minions would indirectly benefit death wizards (which is really needed since death isn't seen at all in PvP unless they're juju spamming) since they pose no resist and have a great amount of health for them to steal health from. They could also be used as a counter for the rank 4 shadow spells since more people will be inclined to burn more damage on a target with higher health, thus reducing the overall damage from the shadow spell by half. Wizard101 PvP has exponentially gone downhill with every update due to the lack of balancing, but it still has a lot of potential. It's easy to establish the fact that the PvP environment has a strong tie with chaos theory since the slightest change to the system creates dramatic effects. I overall agree with the rank 5 minions being added to PvP, but it's rather difficult to tell what will ultimately happen if they do see play. It's worth a shot in the right direction and I really hope to see this suggestion approved by KI.