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Jade Armor Set in PVP: a petition to KI

Aug 28, 2010
Was the Jade Set an error, or was it carefully planned around the other releases?

I think it was carefully planned, and it's carefully planned counter is the mega critcal,
high damage setup that many use in PvP. The Glass Bomb I like to call them, the
Glass Missle is what other call them, but they are deadly by whatever name you call them.

More and more, I am seeing Criticals ratings at 330, and damage in the area of 80%.
You have no chance to out-heal these guys, once they start hitting, you are in serious trouble.

A lot of people don't want to use something that could
go Critical, or may not go Critical..... it's a random chance some just don't like.
A game I use to play added Critical chance, but it was about 1 in 100, the chance was slim.
I like this, because it was a slim chance, and really wasn't repeatable, but W101's critcal is repeatable.
You can have your chance up close to 66% or better, and for many that is just too high.

If you don't go the high critical build route, you are left to staying in the battle until your reshuffles
run out, against a Jade with 80% resist.

I could understand Jade Gear, if I put it on a Wizard, and it game me high resist to two other schools.
Fire, would have high resist to Ice and Storm.
Myth, would have high resist to Life and Death.
Balance could have High resist to two Elemental or two Spirit schools, this would make sense.
Having Jade have universal resist, which was only for the low hitting Ice, added a level
that almost locks out the Non-Crown player.
Crafted and non crafted gear have always been this way.

I have seen where Professor Greyrose keeps stating, this game has an E10 rating,.... it's for young kids.
That's great, but how is a 10 year suppose to buy crowns, when Dad has just put out $70 for his

Having said that, we should not be pushed into a high Critical build to be able to defeat a Jade player.

Just my thoughts.......

Sep 11, 2010
hey guys the jade gear is over powered but if you use your cards right you can finish the match in about 30 minutes if you want more advice just ask me and I will tell you what cards you should have in your eck an you can figure out the rest on your own :D

Nov 26, 2011
I completely agree. I think that jade gear should stay, but in PvP there needs to be a resist cap, BADLY. I say cap it to 40%-50% and cap healing boosts while your at it. Turtling doesn't take that much effort to do.

Oct 30, 2011
Moonlighterz1000 on Jul 12, 2013 wrote:
I completely agree. I think that jade gear should stay, but in PvP there needs to be a resist cap, BADLY. I say cap it to 40%-50% and cap healing boosts while your at it. Turtling doesn't take that much effort to do.
A 40-50%, or a 70%, resist cap would hurt ice a lot more than jade. With a 70% resist cap, jade resist would probably go down by 4%. Many ices would go down 15% or more to storm and fire. A 40-50% resist cap would even reduce commander gear. Critical and damage builds would become overpowered. I agree that a healing boost cap is needed. Jade gear users should not be able to heal off a powerful attack for 4 pips. I think that jade gear should be made no 1v1 and possibly no 2v2. In 3v3 and 4v4, there are more people to attack a jade gear person. Jade users would be gone from 1v1, where most of the complaints are. Jade users would still have their expensive gear for pvp.

Feb 24, 2009
Don't like the system as is. It's impossible and illogical. Jade gear needs a nerf or something. I think you're right though, more gear is the solution. We need a powerhouse damage set.

Mar 12, 2013
Matches need to have time limits or the jade gear has to go. Most of us don't have five hours to spend on a single pvp match. Even if we did, the idea that stalling an opponent out of cards or cheesing out a win because they have IRL responsibilities and have to resign to attend to them, is seriously offputting and undermines the integrity of the entire pvp system.

Introducing higher damage and crit gear and pet talents isn't compensating, it's reinforcing and justifying the need for more people to abuse jade gear and guardian spirit. It's making the problem WORSE. Because of Jade gear, everyone needs high damage and crit. And because of super crit glass cannons, everybody needs jade gear. Thus the top of the PVP ladder is composed of players with both jade gear AND super crit/damage pets.

There's a term for this in game design - power creep - where one aspect of the game is liberalised, and creates an imbalance. People whine, so another aspect of the game is boosted, and that partially compensates but also creates problems of its own. More whining, more tweaking and boosting until the game no longer even faintly resembles the game it was before these measures.

Eventually players reach a point where they skip crafting, skip making difficult choices, and simply insert credit card to buy the single best gear profile - all jade clothes, uber crit and block wand, mega super duper pet. Matches all end up taking six hours, because in the end, having 80 - 85% resist and triple pet healing just dwarfs even critical attacks.

Critical thinking skills and choices should remain a part of the game. Time limits to matches would help curtail abuse AND increase the pool of available players for pvp pairings.


Is it any wonder that the people posting ITT supporting the status quo and defending jade gear, seem unable to use punctuation and paragraphs? Just an observation.

Sep 19, 2010
Jade armor people can get pretty high up there; the highest I have managed to see is 88% universal; that was with full jade armor 90+, heartsteel, elissa's chill band, and a pet with nothing but 14% 7% universal resist. on my first hit I was like "Omgerd medusa just hit 100 damage", but to get resist 70+ its unlike you will have any significant damage, no accuracy, and low critical, unless you drop block for it. I actually suppose this is a pretty hypocritical comment considering my 82% universal resist, but Jade gear has loads of disadvantages. Health isn't all that great, especially if your using a life mastery amulet, damage for me is 6% from pain giver and thats all, accuracy is 0, and my critical is 65, with power pip chance at about 55%. generally I do nothing but trap and blade spam for an hour, and then shatter and kill through any shields they throw up(It's not uncommon for me to hit 1,000,000 damage in 1v1). Yes, I know this is an anti-jade set, but might as well just give fellow jade spammers an (albeit, obvious) tactic.

Aug 28, 2010
One thing I want to point out, is that all schools have high resist to two schools, and it's almost always been that way. Ice should keep it's high resist to Storm and Fire. The Resist level caps don't have to be across the board. Ice should be allowed to have higher resist to two schools, as Death, Life, etc.

What the problem is the Beta Fish (sp?) allows a added Resist of 14% (could be 15%, not sure), to schools. Add this to the Jade gear, and you have a total resist of 93%, almost total immunity.
This is why a Level cap is needed, it has gotten absolutely crazy in PvP.

I watched a Life with 93% Resist to Storm and Balance, a heal of 72%, Guardian Spirit, and max reshuffle just Turtle for hours.

-----> KI, is this what PVP is suppose to be? <------ a total waste of time...... ????

I consider this just absolutely a waste of time, KI needs to really look at this and do something.
Give each school a resist cap for 5 school and a different resist cap for two schools.
Make it something reasonable, something that people can play.

KI, you have made mistakes in the past and corrected them, you need to correct this mistake.

There is no reason at all, that any player should have 93% resist to a school..............none.

Mar 07, 2011
I played over 5000 PvP matches in Age 1. Obviously I enjoyed PvP very much or I wouldn't have spent so much time playing it. Now I'm retired, completely frustrated by the PvP department's idea of improving PvP, when all they are doing is making it pay to play and beneficial to the Ultra Tanking strategy.

Jade Gear was a really bad idea, but what did it for me was the Reshuffle nerf. It was completely uncalled for and has allowed for the Ultra Tank strategy to take over the game. It made me realize whoever KI has hired to revamp PvP doesn't play it very much, and they incorrectly believed the reason for long games was reshuffle. Doh! You can still only play one card at a time no matter how many times you reshuffle.

My very last game of PvP, the one that solidified my retirement, I played a life wizard Jade Gear user with Guardian Spirit. I killed her four times before I finally ran out of reshuffles and she eventually did her one and only attack of the the five hour match, and killed me. One attack in a five hour match??????? Are we having fun yet?????? Ridiculous is the word that comes to my mind.

PvP has become extremely boring to play. I imagine people with Jade Gear and Guardian Spirit will disagree with me. They can enjoy their 2 hour build up for a one hit kill, knowing they are invulnerable to being killed. Most of us don't have the luxury of spending 2-4 hours to play a PvP match, let alone enjoy playing someone who does not use attacking spells.

How boring is it to face an opponent who, two hours into the match, has yet to make even a single attack against you?

PvP is what has kept me coming back to this game for almost 3 years. I still quest PvE but mainly it's PvP that has grabbed my interest. Now I'm fairly certain I won't even renew my subscription in a couple months. It was a good ride KI, but whoever you have put in charge of PvP doesn't have a clue, and us die hard long time players aren't playing anymore.

Aug 28, 2010
Ok, Malt22 used the word Rediculous and please let me define that in my last battle.

Jade player, with Beta Fish, sitting at 94% resist to Balance and Storm.

I took a lot of time, knowing I was against a Jade, setting up my one big hit.
I put up three different Feints, and two Balance Blades... knowing I should hit for
around 20,000 before the resist kicked in......

The Jade player didn't even shield, and I think was even afk.

My 13 pip Judge hit for 1,466 which was healed off by one Satyr.......
Jade players are indestructable and this in PVP is absolutely Rediculous.......

KI can you give all of us Jade Gear and perfect Beta fish pets, so all of PVP can be rediculous.
Then no one will PVP and the problem will be solved......
This is not PVP, this is what is called a Waste Of Time.......

Nov 14, 2010
hey jade resist is not 70 resist unless you have a high resist pet so yeah pet defense was included in that

Feb 06, 2010
Well eventually immunity will come but we have pierce. that carries resist caps to what, 103 resist? Pierce was introduced so Ice would not have a cap for it's specialty. As I realize it, KI has planned out things carefully. Jade gear is okay but what needs fixing is the match times. I got to a point where I was watching TV for an hour while PvPing due to a turtle then I had commitments and I had to loose. Plus with the additon of Tartarus, myth can acheive 29% pierce! And with a pet into the 30's of pierce! Mix and match and you can get into the 40's of pierce! Soon 50's could be introduced. Plus with spears, into the 60's of pierce! With 60 pierce or so a jade has nearly no effect!