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Is this normal?

Jul 02, 2009
I have seen quite a few times on W101 what can happen in the arena: People can go INSIDE of the ring. Is this normal? I'm just wondering. Is it some sort of glitch? Cuz one time I teleported to someone inside of the ring, then the battle was over. The winner stayed in his place, and then there was a countdown. I think I was brave enough to go there. Then I lost.

So, is this normal?

May 02, 2009
Yeah, it's normal. From what I can think/gather, players go in there because it's probably the only reminiscent of the old arena (when you could just walk in and battle other players for fun/when ranked didn't exist).

NOTE: I'm not a beta tester of Wizard101 (sadly), but from what I've seen from pictures on the site, and on some youtube videos, that seems like the most logical explanation (even though I have no idea how to get in there without porting).

Seth ShadowCloud (grand fire/storm)
Seth EmeraldFlame (initiate lv.14 myth)
Seth GhostHaven (initiate lv.13 death)
Terri GhostStone (initiate lv.13 life)
Logan StarBloom (initiate lv.13 storm)

Feb 15, 2010
Almost everytime i have seen one player after another go inside the ring.I asked one and he said "Cant tell" I think it is just a glitch or an open spot in the ring.

Aug 14, 2009
how do you get into the ring anyway because my friend and I tried to do it a couple of weeks ago

Jun 12, 2009
yeah if they go in the ring on the battlefeild it is a glitch. if they are in the bleacher area, it is not