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Ideas for a new PvP Point Ranking System

Aug 21, 2009
1. Keep titles a they are now but add 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 either ahead or behind them so there would be four sets of titles to obtain.

2. Make it so the only way you get or lose a PvP point is from a win or loss from unique players where only the last win/loss counts. So in a 4v4 match where your side wins if you dont have a prior match on record with any of the players you could make 4 points if you won, but if you have wins against every player on that team you stand to gain 0 points and could lose 4.

3. Upon each new rank a character's history is set back to 0 wins 0 losses for their rank. Players can no longer lose rank, that is to say once you are a knight you will never go under knight again. Players can only obtain/lose points by winning/losing against other characters of the same rank (this is largely to cut down upon cheating)

Under this system, when players reach grandmaster their rank stats will become permanent (no longer able to be reset) and the stats kept would be unique player wins and unique player losses (total wins and total losses would be tossed out as they tend to be rather annoying and I think discourages people from wanting to play).

With unique wins and unique losses leader boards could be established for every rank.

Weekly and monthly PvP competions could also be established. For these competions everyone's competion rank would start at 0 and there would be a minimum level requirement to participate to deter players from making low level characters just to obtain unique wins off of themselves.

Aug 21, 2009
an alternative point system to this would be that wins against the lowest rank players would be worth one point and each additional rank would be worth another point, again we would count only unique wins and losses but they would be obtained/subtracted at the time of the match as opposed to being post upgraded as those you won or lost against go up and down in level.

May 31, 2010
A good idea that other games have is a system where even if you lose a duel, you still get a bit of points(not alot, just maybe 3 or 4, something like that). As you get higher in rank, you start to earn less and less points. This system is common in console games that have online gameplay. This would aslo help the issue of downranking and end the many complaints of when a private gets beat by a warlord and lose points for it, eventually hitting the 100's or lower. Just a though.