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Ice Needs A Boost

Dec 16, 2009
Veracity8 on Jun 29, 2015 wrote:

Back to the original subject, there is no question that Storm, Myth, Ice and Death need some help.
Knowing that your (and PVP kings) opinion holds a great deal of weight with KI, which I believe.
(This is based on the last spell changes they made on the discussion of LoreMaster).

How would you go about changing these four schools to make the game more balanced?

Knowing that Storm can be a glass cannon, and the potential of storm. Any suggestions need
to take into consideration, that you could be slightly bias on storm.
To balance them you need to see what each school currently lacks in this meta.

Ice- Hamstrung by no utility or real damage threat under 5 pips. Ice could be corrected by adding a 4 pip spell that adds either offensive utility(A 4 pip hit and blade) or defensive utility(a 4 pip hit and tower shield). Ice could also use some limited healing ability although with it's health I don't see this as a necessity.

Death- Death has no damage utility that does not add an infection effect. It also has no hit that is a non-DoT that does above 1000 damage at base meaning that it's enhanced damage spikes are often weaker. Death could benefit from a mid pip spell that added some defensive utility such as plague and from a High pip non DoT non-drain damage spiking spell(such as the spell present on the test realm Hades Jewel).

Myth- Hamstrung by the ability that almost all of it's abilities are focused around stunning and at the higher pip levels. Myth has almost no damage utility at the lower pip levels and also no ability to heal while it builds. Myth would benefit from a low-mid pip spell that added utility such as hitting and summoning a minion or hitting and stunning(at a 4 pip cost). Myth could also really benefit from a heal of some sort.

Storm- Storm suffers from low health-inability to defy shields and inability to combo. Most of it's utility is at the odd pip(3-5-7-9) levels which is both inefficient and lowers it's effective damage. Storm could benefit from a mid-high pip front loaded DoT or some even pip spell that allows it to create offensive pressure(such as a 6 pip damage and bubble spell).

Dec 16, 2009
PvP King on Jul 1, 2015 wrote:
Storm: As I mention repetitively, the Test Realm's block rating change fixed quite the amount of issues with the school. In the current live realm, the Storm school can get OHKO'd by any Shadow Enhanced Spell, but now since critical and block rating is balanced in TR, Storm will only be taking roughly 2600 damage from Shadow Enhanced Spells with no boosts (hint KI, these spells are too powerful for PvP). What the Storm school needs is a jump in health, as well as every other school to keep things balanced. It also needs an increase in heal boost and resist to make even the lowest forms of a Primordial Healing Current effectively heal, and if Shadow Enhanced Spells do eventually become banned from PvP (which I continually hope for), then the Storm school itself will become balanced, as it'll be a low health school and being the only school to deal a large low-pip damage spike.

Myth: Once considered the best PvP school, Myth took itself in a nosedive down to tier 3 since the recent updates. Of course, Myth has ease with going around shields and all, but it lots its focus in doing that since level 48. Orthrus and Minotaur aren't nearly as effective early match any more and serves only as a finisher In the future, if Myth got another low-pip double hit that deals better damage than Minotaur, it will be a very nice offensive school. This would return its Celestian times state.

Ice: Ice doesn't need a lot to become as balanced if you think about it. The only thing it needs is more resist and block rating so it can be able to use a Life Mastery amulet.

Death: Once tied with Balance for the "most even schools," Death lost its touch when it kept getting healing negation spells when nobody is healing. A low pip spell (like Loremaster, putting a -20% Weakness and -25% Infection) would help Death catch up to where it needs to be.
What is this balancing of stats you are referring to in terms of critical and block? I haven't noticed any major differences.

A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
Eric Stormbringer on Jul 1, 2015 wrote:
What is this balancing of stats you are referring to in terms of critical and block? I haven't noticed any major differences.
My block percentage seems to have gone up from a mere 53% to 68%.