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how do i get betterat pvp

Nov 22, 2008
How do I get better at pvp because I am not good at it at all?????? :( Lail Frosteyes Lvl 55

Oct 15, 2010
I used to be really bad but now (at least personally I think) I am better. I read lots of guides on Duelist101 and Wizard101 Central and (in the 1st Age) played around in ranked and watched what worked and what didn't.
It's sad because I would like to use practice for practice but it is just full of people who set both teams "friends only" then no one joins.
So after I figured out what worked I started editing my deck after each battle while reading more guides.

Now I don't really PvP very much as I have stopped playing as much but I don't really want to go back because the player versus player world is kind of a wreck right now.

Nov 14, 2010
Aug 28, 2010
Lail Frosteyes on Jul 11, 2013 wrote:
How do I get better at pvp because I am not good at it at all?????? :( Lail Frosteyes Lvl 55

Along with what Pirates in the Sky stated, let me add this....

Get a good pets, with at least 14 - 15% resist and Sprite or any kind of heal.
If you can, also get a pet with either Power Pips or Accuracy, depending on what your Wizard needs.
I know this takes a long time, but it's worth it in the end....

I farm for gold, then buy snacks at the bazaar, to train my pets. No mega snack packs for me,
got no crowns. So I do it the slow way, over a lot of time to get my pets. I just bring them
up a little every night, so I don't get bored playing the games.

Get the Best Gear you can, to bring up your Wizard to the best Stats you can get.
This may mean Crown gear to start with, a crown wand, etc....

Set up your deck to be aggressive, but have enough shields, weakness, etc to protect yourself.
At level 55, I would suggest going to Level 58 and get your next spell. Then update your
deck, so that it will well balanced. Not too many attacks, not too many shields, just have a nice
balance so you can always do something each turn to cause confusion on the other side.

The guy that is always passing, is most likely the one that is going to lose......

Look at Warlord deck's and Side decks, and take that as a Basis, then adjust it to how you play.
Don't add in cards that you discard all the time, get rid of them fast.

Don't go into Ranked Play.... Go to practice and do about 50 matches to get your deck to flow correctly.
Yes, not 20 or 30, but 50 or more Practice matches... then you should have your deck down
to the cards you really need. Remember, the Side deck (Treasure cards) can be the difference
between a win and lost, use it when you need it.
Before Every match, make sure your side deck has what it needs, even in practice.

Use your minion, unless you are storm, then only bring it out when the other player has their
minion out.

Time your cards, don't just put a Tower shield out, if the other player has zero pips.
Don't hit with a big hit when shields are out, remove those shields first.... Never waste your pips.
Keep healed, always have enough heals in your deck, so that you can get to a heal.

Note the little things that are so important, like Cloaking to Multiply your cards each reshuffle.

Keep the pressure on, the best way to keep them from attacking you. Don't sit back and say,
when I get this setup, then I will attack, it may be too late by that time......

Record your matches, and ignore the ones you win, but look at the ones that you lost.
These will tell you how to change your play, and how to change your deck.....
They are the important battles, they are your real teacher\Professor......

Link is a fantastic spell, it keeps Weakness and the -50 heals off you. Efreet (sp?) is another great spell,
even if it's a TC. What till they build pips, drop a link and drop an Efreet on them.

If you want to ask more detailed questions, we all can help.

Good luck, and see you on the battlefield.

Aug 14, 2012
Get better at pvp is to have high resist dosen't matter about damage dosen't matter what school ether