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How are these Journeyman and Novices so good?

Oct 11, 2009
Rihanna12 wrote:
AlicornsPrayer wrote:
nlhf1995 wrote:
i have big trouble understanding how you lost. after he used it after 7 pips. he has to regain those pips all over again. why couldnt you shield, heal, and attack in those critical 7 turns he was building up pips?

I was wondering that myself. Seems that the person complaining wasn't playing smartly themselves and is upset that they got outsmarted by a lower leveled player.

damionte wrote:
Yeah but those people with treasure cards are showing that they CAN COMPETE. Not only are they competing they're winning against more powerful players who have access to all the same resources. So who here is the "noob". For those of us who have been gaming for years and years the "noobs" are the ones complaining on the forums.

By your own definition they're the ones showing they can't compete.

I'd have to say they're sore losers myself...Obviously, although they're aware that other players use gold cards or bolt...They go into the game thinking that players won't. They don't plan ahead and have a strategy set up in order to face unknown factors they'll run into in-game.

Then because they aren't making workable strategies, they're laying the blame at the feet of those that are planning ahead, and crying 'foul' instead. Because their plan the whole time is 'I should be able to win most of the time because I'm so high level'...

Hate to see how they are at playing chess. Because half the best plays in chess is at the benefit of the pawn making the best moves.

There's an old saying. Nothing's fair in love and war.

Well, PVP is the 'war' aspect. That means when you enter the arena, you are there to win. And to win, you use any and all available resources you can get.

Gold cards and bolts is just that...Resources in the game intended to be used in order to win at battle. If you're one of those choosing not to use them, that's your business. But don't get bent out of shape because other players are smart enough to use the resources available to them and beat you with those resources.

You don't want to lose? Then either learn how to play in a manner that counters their type of play, or start using the resources that's just as available to you as it is to the person beating you with them.

But if you lose because of some mistaken idea that their play is 'unfair'? All you are is sore losers that aren't able to win unless games are dumbed down enough to the point that wins are just handed to you on a silver platter.

Games are supposed to be a challenge, especially the higher level you get. If getting whooped by a low level player, who's playing smarter, is too upsetting to you? Then perhaps you shouldn't be in the PVP arena in the first place.

I'm glad I don't complain on here anymore. (Sorry about "Doom and Gloom - needs to change!" and "Saying somebody doesn't pvp well?" I just got really angry about something related to those topics when I wrote them.

Caroline Sunbright
Grandmaster theurgist
sorry whoever posted this but everyones right anyway you have to take advantige of those 7 turns it takes him to use those spells

May 15, 2009
garyboy11 wrote:
Just the other day I was watching my friend duel and a dude in the crowd asked to fight me. He was a novice. I took him on in practice and all of a sudden he's using fire dragon storm lord scarecrow and all these amazing spells.

It happened again in a ranked match and now I am only knight. This is outrageous! Something has to be done about treasure cards they are just unfair in the arena!

Dylan ShadowTallon Lvl44 Diviner

i dont mean to be rude but if he has time to cast all these 7 pip spells then u should have time to cast potent and moderate pip level spells
all schools have them
ice= evil snowman
fire= sunbird
balance=sandstorm/spectral blast/ scorpion
with a rightly placed trap and charm these can easily be turned from moderate damage to high ranking damage

for me kraken + storm charm + feint=1200 damage

Oct 24, 2009
hmm i have read these texts but what if they have shields for spells and every time you attack they shield right before you do. what if you cant find any shields if your grand masters you can have over 60 cards in your deck.if you have only 4 fire shields you got 4 out of like 60 chances to get it.but if you discard a lot to get them you lose about 25% of your deck doing it.you only get seven turns to find one.but if you dont have shields for the spells they use retrain your schools and get some. but novices have under 1 grand health usually so if you die in seven turns it just means you soak. but any ways sheilding is the best way to beat bolts and stuff.i dont like is that people use life treasures it should be go get life as second school or dont heal at all unless you use sacrifice. using one life treasure could determine you winning a game or losing. :?

Dec 28, 2009
3RDSense wrote:
sparkboy187 wrote:
treasure cards are TOTALLY FAIR. you have an ace in the hole like triton or stormzilla. unfortunatley they dont. its the only way for them to survive against higher lvls. but they cant have an unlimited amount like you can, can they? poor poor lower lvls Andrew dragonstalker, lvl 23 balance

-_- you just egged novice and journeymans to use treasure cards. saying poor poor poor poor lower levels when your BALANCE? balance has so many advantages and i really dont think its fair when balance uses powerful spells like judgement even though it can be shielded.

Oooh, powerful spells! Maybe we should ban all the level 48, 38, and 28 school only spells, and the level 42 and 33 non-school only spells!

Seriously? Look at Heckhound. 125 damage per pip. Look at Judgment. 100 damage per pip. Notice anything?

There are a LOT of powerful spells in this game, so learn how to counter them.

~Christopher Titanbringer, Level 35 Balance Wizard

Apr 05, 2010
It won't be so good if every single novice and apprentice were buying treasure cards and destroying ya especially in ranked matches. I mean who ever heard of a novice beating a grand master? Well because of that apparently.

Mar 15, 2009
we should have two types of arena match's one with T-cards and one without them (both ranked match's) that you pick the type of match you would like to play in and no one can complain about T-cards no more!
(I hope)