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Classic PVP mode

Feb 07, 2010
A lot of people don't like all of the new PVP rules and changes. Why doesn't KI maybe introduce a classic PVP mode with rules identical to first age? The badges could say, for example, "Classic PVP Warlord".

Sep 15, 2013
I don't mind this idea. Also, I think rank by schools may be an interesting option (Ice Warlord, Fire Warlord, Storm Warlord, etc). There could also be an option for elemental and spirit schools (Elemental/Spirit Warlord). Then, in all school rank, you could have your (Ultimate) Warlord badge(s). I think more game modes may give players that want to pvp a way to choose who they fight.

Mar 30, 2014
I've been asking for a mid-4th age mode, from right before the changes put in place for 5th age were introduced. First age pvp with a few fixes like stun blocks would also be fun. I think the problem is that so many players have quit in the past few years that KI is unable to offer pvp at most levels much less different styles. I bet if they did offer some kind of throwback format that it would be way more popular than this 5th age style.