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cheaters in pvp = good bye to me

Oct 26, 2009
bladebane6 wrote:
I am making this to say that i am quitting this great game due to the overly consistant use of people that rely entirely on treasure cards in pvp. these people dont use there own powers but instead rely on a friend to make them spells they should never have for there schools or are way above there levels. how is this right? i spend all my time getting all these cool spells for my shcool only and some level tenth has the same ones? how is that right? :? I have seen treasure everything in pvp and most of the time they are people who dont use a single ONE of there spells. They only use a few treasures ranging from only annoying treasure shields to treasure judgements treasure scarecrows treasure orthrus wild bolts, the list is long and they are all spells that are school only and are not fair to have in pvp if you use them other whys. post here if you agree that treasures should be banned in pvp and if your going to quit. O and for the people who say treasures shouldnt be banned your just one of these people who have to rely on them. I am completely fed up with seeing low levels reach ranks way above mine without useing one of there spells while i stick to what i got and try as hard i can to hang in there against the odds. :?

I agree, no treasure cards in pvp because us high lvls work our butts off to get the spells we deserve and see low levels get the same spells but a bit better. thats not right . So all you people that use unfair treasure cards in pvp, i bet you could never survive against any good people with out your "precious" treasure cards. So lay off or be a cheater.

So King Isle please ban treasure cards in pvp

Nov 25, 2009
well they should not ban TREASURE CARDS.... or CRAFTED CARDS..... but they should remove the battle-made cards..... I mean COME ON! O am a grandmaster necromancer and while waiting in a rena a level 12 starts begging me to make him scarecrow cards? I meen he says all I need to od is cast keen eyes on them.... well I wouldnt do it..... I know they would use it cheaply... it is smal wizards who make big wizard friends who can make them strong treasure cards..... they should ban all of those cards BROUGHT IN!

Um... I was wondering HOW would KI be able to set up something that only targets battle made cards? Also there is nothing wrong with giving cards to low level people. I would like to point out that hight lvl people ask for cards also.

Apr 10, 2009
bladebane6 wrote:
i changed my mind about quitting i got a little off key with my recent losing streak to treasure cheaters ....... lol. post here if you agree though so we can make it well known k everyone?

just glad you stayed ;) yeah, i am a very fair guy, i know how the game works and how spells are balanced, and i have seen almost every complaint and corrected almost every one. However, today i am going to do something i NEVER do, agree. as far as i am consered, treasure cards cause more issues than help in PvP. I say that we would be better off if we just made it so that cards that we do not make IN pvp, we cant use. I have had my fair share of people using judgement cards on me, and wild bolts too. but the one thing i cant STAND is when a level 5 askes my grandmaster storm for cards . i give him one and say, "that's all you get, dont ask for more." but if they ask again i simply say "earn your own spells, dont rely on others when they cant rely on you." after words i remove them. but that is off topic.