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captain gear question....

Dec 14, 2008
well I have noticed there is captain gear that has GREAT boosts you end up with 35% def 22% att and 15% or 19% acc boost and a grandmaster ends up with like 80% power pip chance......
but it says on the description -100% mana.... what does this mean? how can you cast spells without mana?

Jun 25, 2009
The equipment your talking about you are able to buy at the rank of commander. Other armor is still available at veteren as well. All of this pvp armor does have a -100% to mana which means nothing in pvp. While in the arena no mana is used to cast any spells. This effect is in place so that the armor cannot be used in the rest of world environment. It is meant exclusivly for pvp.

Apr 02, 2009
When it says -100% mana it means that you can only use the gear for pvp only. And mana isn't used in pvp, if you haven't noticed. That way when people try to use the gear in their quests or whatever they cant play because they have no mana.