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Bring Back the old PVP

Dec 31, 2008
Dridsuzy wrote:
snaebra wrote:
On the topic of different levels playing together, I think nothing should be done differently. When creating a match, the creator can choose which levels can access the match, so people can choose if they wish to play with very uneven levels, or not. I think nothing extra should be done there

THIS. I wouldn't be surprised if high level players "forget" about this option when they create their trap...er match. These matches are for Rank and Arena Points. What better way to farms those things than this.

No, not really. That option doesn't exist for ranked matches. I know; I just checked to make sure. You just sign up, and have to take whatever the computer thinks is the best match for you at the time.

So, sure ... you can "trap" somebody that way in a practice duel; but what good does that do you, unless you're some kind of weird bully who enjoys beating new wizards into sparkly pulp?

And I, for one, hate when the computer matches me up with someone obviously weaker than me, almost as much as I hate when the opposite happens. It's no fun to defeat a wizard who can't even muster the spells to keep up with you -- and I know it's no fun to be that wizard, either.

Jan 14, 2009
the damage is a bit excessive, perhaps it just needs a few more tweeks here and there with a bit more input from players for a few weeks to find the right balance. Rome was not built in a day you know.

Dec 18, 2008
Nov 20, 2008
Hey there everyone!

Im a heavy MMO player and have participated in alot of online games where the ability to do PvP combat was essential to survival. I am in agreeance with the post's about the damage amount vs the healing amount needs to be balanced out some. Yea its cool as a level 26 myth to go up against a level 33 death and be able to handle my own and come out with either a win or near a win, but its usually due to killing off a minion or two and having an absorb up on me until they suddenly slam me with a 2000 or more damage hit. As far as the level difference in matches I agree there as well. PvP duels are used by some people to gauge how effective they will be while out doing the quests and such in the game, and if a level 26 can go into a place to fight a level 47 and survive the fight then by all means, we should be allowed to go into that world and do the quests as well instead of having to go little by little. Yes I realize that at level 26 im fighting "rank 3+" monsters in Krokotopia, but hopefully the refrence here is understood.

All in all the PvP system is great, but improvments to the Damage to healing, level of characters, and win amount vs rating should be looked at.


Jan 31, 2009
I never played the old PvP so can't comment on that. I like some aspects of it now and dislike others. Turns out my dislikes are a bit longer right now.

PvP is available - I am glad of this as I'm sure everyone is.

Relatively Short Battles - I read that some people would go through 50-60 turns in a battle?! Wow. I don't always have that kind of time available. A nice 10-15 min battle is great. That being said, there are times when a long battle would be fun if I had the time.

Quickjoin - I can continue to play the game until the battle is ready for me. Great feature.

REALLY Short Battles - 3 turn battles stink.

Level Differences - I like 4 vs. 4 battles. EVERY time I have gone on the game to PvP, my team of lvl 20-30 is up against lvl 40-50 guys. EXCEPT ONCE. When we fought some guys that were lvl 10.

This is frustrating and not fun when you're on either side. There's no challenge if you're the higher lvls. Usually they just mess around testing stuff out while you're struggling for your life.

Here's a thought on this. Rather than grouping together people of similar levels on a team, why not use an average. i.e. The average lvl of a team should be within 5 lvls of the average of the other team. Then a team could have lvls 10, 20, 30, & 40 (avg 25) against a team with lvls 15, 15, 20, 50 (avg 25). This could be an interesting bout. Perhaps the winning team would receive more tickets if more of their team members survived which would encourage the lvl 40 to help the lvl 10.

Getting back in the queue - If I am pulled from a far away area to join a battle after waiting to Quickjoin, I am then put back in that area when I finish. What if I want to Quickjoin another battle? I have to go all the way back to Unicorn Way! That's a huge waste of time. Am I missing something here? Is there a way to say to automatically put me back in the queue?

Does it go across realms? After I Quickjoin, I often forget that I had done it by the time a battle is ready. I've been off doing a quest and all of a sudden it's ready for me....like 30 mins later. If the PvP doesn't search across Realms to put matches together, it should. This will shorten the wait time.

Feb 09, 2009
What was the "old" PvP?

My assumption is that in the beginning damage and healing were the same in PvE as it was in PvP. Then at some time before I joined damage and healing on cards were increased for PvP.

I haven't found any dev posts about the change yet. (Granted I havn't looked real hard for any.) Anyone have quotes on why exactly that change was made?

Dec 30, 2008
In the old PvP, damage and health were the same as PvE. In the new PvP, damage only is increased, which therefore decreases the "woot i've got a heal in my hand" factor.

I like the new PvP.

The old PvP: People standing around not wanting to join because some big bad Grandmaster is around. Not fun.

Oct 17, 2008
gotscoolshoes wrote:
Yeah. I can kill people my level in a single shot dealing about 1,900 damage.
All I have to use is a blade and a trap and then hit them once.
Rather pathetic if you ask me.

Heh, that wouldn't kill me!

Anyway, I totally disagree in some ways and agree in others. The QuickJoin feature is surely a plus, because it allows you to do something else while you're waiting. The level differences though are annoying. I am level 32, so kind of in the middle. Either I get someone who's waaayyy too high for me, or someone really low and easy. Definately fix this by making sort of like in Practice Duels: Make it between a certain level. If someone wants a challange and battle a grandmaster, then let them. Otherwise, don't make the rest of us suffer.

I actually like the increased damage, but after reading some of your complaints I'm now reconsidering. It is sad that battles are so quick. But I remember I used to get in trouble for staying online too much because I was dueling and didn't want to quit. ;-) Now its so easy to just either defeat or get defeated. I absolutely love it when I am lucky enough to get a person about the same level as me. Its very rare though, and not fun to battle a master when you're only a magus.

Also, its much nicer that you don't have to wait to duel anymore, or at least not as long. Very nice! But still, there are so many negatives that it might not be very much.

Dec 21, 2008
dude! the pvp is the greatest! why would you want to bring back that old boring arena? i could never get into battles :( plus, my best friend (kestrel darkcloud)loves the arena! so yes it has bugs but hey, everything has a few flaws! yes i know that was your opinion, but you could be crushing millions of wizards dreams! and the practice and ranked guys will lose there jobs! ( not that we care 8)) so i say KEEP THE ARENA! ooh i had an idea! KI could make a second arena! half normal and half PVP :) i think that will work!

Blake LionFlame level 43 master pyromancer ( i think 43 )

Dec 12, 2008
firedragon1998 wrote:
... so i say KEEP THE ARENA! ooh i had an idea! KI could make a second arena! half normal and half PVP :) i think that will work!

Blake LionFlame level 43 master pyromancer ( i think 43 )

Yes, definitely keep the current arena but what I have been thinking more about is that old arena. I think that one should also be able to come back. Maybe have like a hall that goes to the "organized" battles (current PvP) and another hall that goes to the "mix up" arena (old arena). After going down the "mix up" it might be better to still have a range that so the battles don't get too unfair.

First (sub)hall ............ levels 1-15
Second (sub)hall ........ levels 10-20
Third (sub)hall ............ levels 15-25
Fourth (sub)hall ........ levels 20-30
Fifth (sub)hall ........... levels 25-35
Sixth (sub)hall .......... levels 30-40
Seventh (sub)hall .... levels 35-45
Eighth(sub)hall .......... levels 40-50

I know, I over lapped the level ranges on purpose. It is that so people can be in a range that allows them to be part of more than one hall.

Also, they don't have to be halls, they can be what ever King Isle decides them to be. Plus, someone else can come up with a better way to organize these qualification areas, hopefully they have a better imagination than I do. :-)

I would love to hear about your ideas on how to organize them please post if you can.

See you in the Spiral,

David DragonWraith

Sep 11, 2008
You can't win always. All I see is people posting about how it takes forever to cast spells and the other ones only in 1 to 3 shots. everyone here wants to win all the time! Don't get upset it's just a game. Just have fun and relax, but I do find something that i dont really like is that you dont know the lvl of the player your playing with and you don't see who they are except for your teammates.

You have to lose at some point!

Destiny MistGem
lvl 39

Jan 12, 2009
i really miss the old pvp, when i was a lower lvl thats all my friends and i did was go to the arena. maybe instead of just getting rid of the old pvp why dont you just leave it and let the players have a choice whether they want to do the new pvp or the old one because a lot of people miss the old pvp, and most of my friends stopped playing becasue the new arena is pretty much only for subscribers, and they always get stuck battling higher an them because all the high lvl go to the non subscribers pvp just because they have nothing better to do.

So if you ask me i think the players should at least have a choice between the old pvp and the new one

Jan 12, 2009
Dorrisa wrote:
You can't win always. All I see is people posting about how it takes forever to cast spells and the other ones only in 1 to 3 shots. everyone here wants to win all the time! Don't get upset it's just a game. Just have fun and relax, but I do find something that i dont really like is that you dont know the lvl of the player your playing with and you don't see who they are except for your teammates.

You have to lose at some point!

Destiny MistGem
lvl 39
i know right? but still the old pvp was better because people seemed to have more fun, and you met a heck of a lot more people, in the new pvp people always get mad at me when i beat them, and usually after battle i end up getting reported because they were mad i beat them

Feb 21, 2009
Jack007465 wrote:
HeadmasterAmbrose wrote:
Starting with multiple pips is not a bug, it is an effect given to you by very powerful magic items.

On the damage shift, this was done after extensive testing -- prior to the damage increase, Life spells were far too frequent on both sides, and it was resulting in very high level players almost always ending up in a "draw", they were all simply too defensive. Most duels were ending because all of the players exhausted their decks, and with no one winning or losing.

We have some ideas to deal with the "which team goes first" randomness. As with any new system that comes online, we will continue to adjust it and balance it to make it as fun as possible for all of our players.

I rairly Run out of cards becouse I allways keep two reshuffle cards on me. This way i can run over my deck and alowed me in the old system to have a Duel that lasted allmost an hour. I had alot of fun in that one. Now the duels I am in end with in three rounds.

not everyone has reshuffles though :-D

Mar 01, 2009
does anybody use shields anymore? i've seen plenty treasure tower spammers in pvp, so idk what people are talking about there is to much damage

Dec 27, 2008
I agree too. I mean arena is fun no matter what happens but before i was able to have more fun. I could be in the arena and go inside the circle and see everything perfectly. Another reason is I cant just walk in the arena and watch a battle i have to look in the kiosk which loads slow sometimes i cant see the health. And you should add an arena in every world.

Dec 20, 2008
Here's an idea how about you have BOTH type of dueling. So if people want to do practice/ranked duels they can and if people want to use the old kind they can! I personally like the old kind of dueling.

--Patrick SilverHead
--Level 45

Dec 23, 2008
Yes definetly the old pvp was way better, really need to bring it back i like the idea just to come in to the arena not having to wait for a battle and just have fun!

Oct 03, 2008
I also would like to have both kinds of pvp available, because while old pvp was nice and easier to spectate, you had no control over who joined the matches. On the other hand, the new pvp allows you to control who can enter your matches, as long as you do practice (ranked pvp is a whole other can of problems. :() but is hard to spectate because of the barriers blocking people from going up close.

Valkoor Crow
Grandmaster Necromancer