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Therizinosaurus and Defy talent

Mar 24, 2010
I'm on my 2nd Therizinosaurus and still no luck getting Defy. Defy is a 1st gen talent for this pet, has anyone had success getting it? What level (teen, adult, ancient, etc) did it show up?

Sep 17, 2012
Just because it's a possible talent in 1st gen doesn't mean you will learn it in the 1st gen. I didn't learn it on 1st gen. If you have 2 of them trained to adult, hatch them. It will increase odds of getting defy as an established talent. My defy didn't show up on the Therizinosaurus up through Epic, but it still hatched defy into my Sea Dragon and the new baby Sea Dragon had Spell Proof and Defy. That pet went on to hatch many Proof/Defy pets. So don't throw away 1st gen pets that don't get a certain talent. You can still get the desired talent in later generation hatches from them. Healing Current in my Betta Fish didn't show in my Mega 1st gen. It didn't show up until my 4th or 5th hatch from that fish. Don't give up hope.

Mar 24, 2010