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Question abotu cards which come along with pet

Feb 12, 2009
I haven't been able to find the exact answer to this question, and I probably know the answer but just want to verify with those who know -

If a pet has a card associated with it, such as the mythical basilisk having the card "virulent basilisk", can hatching it with another pet (also having its own card) ever result in the pet as that basilisk, with a different card? Or will the cards never change hands, so to speak?

Also, if a talent/ability results in a card being added to deck during a battle, does that card show up on the description of the pet, such as when you check out someone else's pet in the pet pavilion?

Sep 07, 2011
Cards that are given at baby always stay with that pet type. Cards from talents (unlocked when you train) can pass in hatches.