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Pets & mounts farming

Mar 08, 2009

For the past 2 weeks I have been farming for exotic pets and mounts. Now granted I still haven't recieved either what bugs me is that others do.
I will be the only person in there battling boss and minions and suddenly someone ports in on me and is forced to join battle. Battle ends and I get some piece of clothing that I can't even use. And the guy that ported to me recieves a pet. You know what happened today? So a noob ask me to help him in nightshade. i figured cool I can get a mount or pet. First round I get a hat and noob gets a blue banshee pet. Second round I get shoes and noob gets another blue banshee pet. Third round I get more cheap boots and noob gets broom mount. Like what kind of glitch do you folks have on my account that denies me the pleasure of winning pets or mounts? I can't seem to win any when I am alone and I can't do it when I am with others either. Please, please, please someone explain this to me.

Dec 14, 2009
I don't think anyone at KI is trying to slight you. You have just been unlucky so far. I have seen friends farm for months before they get their drop,and yet others get it on first try. It may be frustrating,but if you persevere,you will get your item at some point. :)

Jul 24, 2009
Sorry Dodgee, as far as I can tell it is just luck of the draw.
My character was only getting decent stuff from farming, all the types of things I end up selling at the bazaar anyway. Then one day I decide to farm for a pet, and it only takes around 10 tries. A couple days later I am farming another boss and get a really good ring that my friend wants, but I had no need for so I sold it. Later that day, I get the same ring twice in a row while my friend is helping my fight the boss.

Just keep trying, and you'll get it eventually. :P

Nov 03, 2008
With all of these complaints, i just wish that KI will just fix the drops that people get so everyone can get the same drop. This can get people to stop complaining.

I hope :?

Jan 16, 2010
Well, I'm no expert on the subject, but a few nights ago I decided to get a Myth Pixie from Rattlebones, and eventually got one dropped, then I was bored the next day and battled him some more, resulting in me getting two or three more of those, a pair of one-day seraph wings, and a one-day starlight pony. What are the odds?

Rebecca Moonstone, Adept Sorcerer