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pet talents

Jun 30, 2009
ok so we all know that are pets can get either a talent that helps you in battle or in derby but think about this wouldnt it be great if we could chose if we want a battle or a talents that helps with derby like when you lvl up you pet a little screen comes up saying with to choices one says battle talent other says helpfull to derby talent and say you click battle now you can get a talent like power pip boost to that school resist and blades traps shields and for life satyr or others i dont know about the sprite spell or other spell cards but if you click derby one you get a talent that helps with you pets aboilty to get strenghth intalect will power and one other cant remeber so yea think about that one it would solve a lot of pet problemsand if you agree plz reply and if not plz post why but do it in a calm way not like this I TOTALLY DO NOT AGREE WITH YOUR STUPID IDEA I LIKE IT THE WAY IT IS do not reply like that plz