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Are they worth it

Jun 06, 2009
So i am looking for a good storm pet for my lvl 33 storm wizard i was looking at the stats for the arcane helpers and there pretty good but i want to know are they worth training or is there a better pet?

Dec 20, 2008
I'm not typically one to train first generation pets without several hatches... I think you would be better off with a Sea Dragon or Star Fish :) or hatch that is :P

Sep 17, 2012
They have some amazing talents, so yes I would say they are worth training just to get the talents in your hatching pool. You may decide you like some talents but want another pet's ability too. I personally prefer the Enchanted Armament as the base for my pets because I like the extra 3 sharpens that stack with regular sharpen. I always try to hatch in new valuable talents into my pet gene pool though. No 1st generation pet is going to be a dream pet. You need to mix and match a LOT of different pets to get all the talents and cards you want in a perfect pet. Good luck with whatever you decide.