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wow is the pet hatching THAT much?

Jan 29, 2010
First of all i think you guys are a bunch are babies i had 0 gold at beging of day and know at 4:07 est i have over 10,000 no crowns just hard work! I do think they should lower the price of hatching!

Apr 29, 2010
Travelingman123 wrote:
How can anyone get 80,000 gold? It will become more popular if you lower the price. Buying things with gold does not get wizard101 any money. I have seen no one with a hybrid yet, which supports my opinion. If you lowered the price, tons of people would have hybrids.
I have had 200,000 gold before and spent it all and got it back. All you have to do is complete quests and sell stuff you dont need.

May 28, 2010
scheletro wrote:
so the less the price less rare a pet
Ya I agree it makes it so not everyone can have it but it only a chance you will get it so you can waste alot of money if you do I did this when I was a lower level I took my firecat spent days getting him to adult without snacks and waited in hatchery for days to find a ninja pig saw how much money it was saved up and than after I hatched and got to ms I found out that you could buy it for so much cheaper there so it was waste of my time but it can be worth your money to hatch you can gt crown pets by hatching directly with them or making them using mix of pets which I now suggest beacause there are combos for Halloween pets which have rare popular abilities and it is cheaper than hatching with the pet the ghost dragon pets combo is very common pets to use easy to get a person who beat cyclops lane can do it so if you want new unicorn abilities I suggest you burry you may nOt be a le to get it that way after Halloween

May 28, 2010
Anahita wrote:
It seems to me that you should be charged a nominal hatching price - Maybe 500 - 1000. If you like the pet you can pay for it, if not, you can put it up for auction. Seems fair to me.
wish I was back than now we can't plus it still costs alot but what I don't get is I do thing that was there in that time and get enough cash easy for a hatch if I spend a day on it I wish we could action pets cause I really want a hydra and if I could It would be awesome we have it way harder that you guys so stop complaining we don't and we got it worse

Mar 28, 2009
Feb 03, 2011
Gamma wrote:
The reason for the high Hatching cost for the Storm Hound, young Wizard is due to its rarity.

Pet pricing is determined by a pet's Stats and Pedigree.

The pedigree for your rare and powerful Storm Hound will be very high, and therefore the price will also be very high.

Hehe I like the little owl dude...:D

Apr 25, 2009
Well, Hatching A pet is AWESOME!
Plus you can hatch cool pets.
Depends on what pet you use to hatch and what pet your hatching with.
Probaly why it costs so much dude.

Jul 17, 2011
The price for a pet is very reasonable in my mind. It is easy to make money in wintertusk. You can make 100k in a couple of hours and you will also get like 50k xp form the quests. 8)
Lvl 53 Diviner