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thank you KI!

May 13, 2009
I just wanted to say thank you for listening KI! there are so many really great things in the test realm so far. My favorites:

* pets roaming in the house--this is such a great thing...my daughter and I love to collect pets and this makes the pets finally show-able! the little emotes are neat too. this becomes a whole end in itself and is so re warding for the youngest players like my 7 yr old (ok, and for me, an oldster obsessed with house decorating too!)

* so many new pets--there seem to be a lot of new types of pets to find dropping from bosses and the new store. I can hardly wait to start farming and finding all these new creatures--and a new CELESTIA pet too!!! I haven't heard of any new GH pets yet?? Professor Greyrose said they do drop (she didn't specific "new" just that pets do drop in GH)

* the derby--really fun and it seems doable for even young kids since the animals always move forward

* so many new pet drops--this has always been one of the funnest things for me and my daughter--it seems like this is increased and that is great.

my main concerns/disapointments so far is the hatching--cost and lack of mix/unique pets. I'm just so bummed about how high the cost is. if that stays, it pretty much becomes a one-time or completely ususable feature. I've been thinking about this a lot since starting playing the test realm and i feel like this feature, with the cost structure is purely for power gamers that like PVP. Without the possibility of mixing a brand new unique pet (color and shape), it is useless for a player that is casual and just into pet looks and with the cost, it is unusable for a casual player who finds the derby fun.

I'm also really concerned that it seems like people are saying that sometimes you get pets you can't even equip? ack! I would be sooooo bummed in the game if I spent all teh time (literally MONTHS for me!) to build up gold and then couldn't even use the hatched pet. I hope this changes.

I'm really excited though that KI is still testing and crossing my fingers and hoping that something will change about that before the release.

Alia Crowfriend