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pets groing in to mounts

Dec 16, 2009
i think if you work really hard on a pet and get it to epic it should become a amount you can ride. not just a pet with a card to use in combat this would make working on your pets much more rewording. consider this for crowns pets only

Apr 21, 2010
That's not very practical for most pets, like Cyclops, Pale Maiden, Dark Sprite, Wraith, Mander...
Pets should remain separate from mounts.

May 19, 2009
Though that is an awesome idea, it would be difficult. Imagine riding a pet like a sprite, or an ice colossus, or an imp. It would be rather hard. What you could do though, is have some pets (the four legged ones) grow larger and larger as they grow from baby to epic and eventually have the ability to remain as pets or become mounts. (I'd love to have a fire cat mount). And the others grow larger and larger and eventually have the ability to remain as pets or become morphs. (not like the poly morph spells, more like the ones in the crown shop.)

Feb 05, 2009
That is so cool I saw
a cool thing day some one was riding a big bird

Jan 27, 2009
Wouldn't work, mounts and pets are totally different things, pets give boosts, mounts give speed.

Dec 29, 2008
You never know.The editors at wizard 101 always improve the game. I for one think that you should have the option to choose (when it gets to epic) leave it a regular pet or change to mount. Just a little something to think about.