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Pet Talents and Durby talents

Dec 17, 2008
Ok we need some kind of guide. We need to know what pets can get what talents. We need to know if pets are worth raising and how to raise them the best way. Unfortunately the administraters probably won't tell us the talents. So we need to help each other. Post what talents your pet has and what type it is. But only purebreads. This means only ones that you got originaley or ones that if hatched were only hatched with two of the same type. Ok I'll start. Oh also put what rarety it is. Remember 1 dot next to it is common 2 is rare 3 is ultra rare and 4 is epic rare. once we have enough someone could find a pets 10 talants and use thatas aguide
Pip boost +5% pip chance Ultra Rare
Tire Less: +25 max Strength and Agility Ultra Rare
Derby Talents:
Big Check -30 Speed to Leader Rare
Immunity, Immunity to debuffs for 5 seconds Ultra Rare

Guides with spoiler information such as this are the reason we have fansites, and they do a wonderful job of ensuring the community has a fun and interactive place to discuss spoilers such as this.

For a list of fansites that host this type of information, we encourage our players to visit https://www.wizard101.com/game/fansites