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Pet Maycasts cancelling other maycasts

Aug 16, 2016
Hello, i have a problem with the pet maycast system.

i recently morphed and rised a pet that is perfect for myself in everyway using tons of crowns for energy refills and mass farming mega snacks. The pet is a Rain beetle that gives the abilities; (+6% & +10%) maycast(Balance blade, Galvanic field and Fortify).

The problem is that whenever my pet cast Galvanic Field it follows up with Fortify cancelling out Galvanic Field rending the ability that i wanted the most on my pets invalid.

A solution to this would either be to:
1. Change the maycast trigger for Fortify (The trigger for this ability kind of doesn't make much sense to me since it's a defensive ability, but yet has a trigger that is similar to a offensive maycast like a blade or damage aura)

2. Implement a logic statement that checks if a maycast ability has already been cast and if so don't cast another similar maycast that would negate the initial maycast.

3. Do both option 1 & 2

Sep 07, 2011
I haven't checked this, but it sounds like an old bug has returned.

This was a problem that appeared when KI fixed a previous problem (where ALL the may-cast aurae on a pet triggered at the same time). The initial 'fix" then broke all but one talent. This is what you are describing.

A subsequent update fixed the whole system properly, so each may-cast was an independent random, but once one aura was up, it wouldn't be overwritten by another, and a pet would not cast if an aura cast by its wizard was active. That's the way it worked for many years.

I wonder if some recent update reverted the game to the old version?