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Mooshu - Village of Sorrow, Hametsu Village, and o

Dec 26, 2009
Stormy76 wrote:
I have been experiencing similar problems, except mine are only with freezing during most battles and I end up getting killed. Turning off quest helper and the compass does nothing in my issues. I've contacted admin about it, but nothing yet.

FRUSTRATED in mooshu

thats the same thing happening with me i always die that way

Feb 13, 2010
ArienV wrote:
draclie wrote:
i totally agree they nneed to fix this
i havent been in mooshu for a long but i to get these problems
in shirataki temple (the plauge oni's place) i cant get thourgh the FIRST door it wont let me pull the lever. i am also on the lvl 38 storm quest, so it feels like i'll never get my spell.

plz tell me if there is a glitch or if i need to do something :(

Hope you got this done already, just in case. Took me like 3 days to figure it out. Walk past the huge door and lever, down to end of road. There is a house. Go in, do the battle, get the key. Go back to the lever, it should then let you pull it and the door open. If you have already figured this out, happy for you but this might help someone else too. TEAMWORK! Good Luck All! :D

Destiny Dream Weaver Level 45 Storm School
it took me basiclly a minute to figure out that the quest helper was sumwhat glitching, then i figured out that i needed to go somewhere else. Just got to use your brain.

Jonathan Dreammask Master Life Wizard