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Mika Skarka on getting to Avalon

Mar 28, 2013
Hello there I am on the quest to defeat Mika Skarka and I am a level 72 wizard and am having trouble defeating him. My health is slightly under 4000 and have all the spells from my teacher up to Chimera. I also have all the spells except for wraith and all of the spells available through training points. I have a good critical rating for and have a decent block rating for all of the schools. If anyone has any good tips for me please reply to this topic.
P.S. Only spell I have is amplify and critical one in my tc. Only spell I have is Polymorph into gobbler including a few tc polymorph spells. The only spells I have are strong and giant including a few good tc.

Oct 05, 2010
I'm a Balance Wizard too, and I while I was initially terrified about fighting a boss like that all alone, I developed a strategy that helped me immensely. In fact, I ended up defeating him on my first try. Here are a few of my personal tips:

1. Pack a few life shield treasure cards. If the boss has too many pips for comfort, throwing a shield up can really help in the health department.

2. Pack a few healing treasure cards too, such as Satyr or even Dryad. Balance has a few healing spells of their own, but I find that packing some Life ones never hurts.

3. Since I see you're trained in death, feint will be extremely useful in really boosting your attacks.

4. I also see you're trained in storm, so some spells from there may help in taking a good chunk out of the boss's health. Stormzilla may be particularly useful, especially for getting rid of that minion quickly.

And finally...

5. Don't give up! I had a pretty good balance critical and all-around critical block just like you when I was on that quest, and I found with a little bit of planning, patience, and a few lucky critical hits, I was able to take Mika Skarka down. Best of luck to you, and I hope I helped a little bit!

-Ashley Mythblade, Archmage Sorcerer