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Who is the hardest boss to you in MB

Jun 17, 2010
Blackomega34 wrote:
i must tell you that mine (and most myth wizards) worst nightmare is Shakes O'leary and meowiarty, they are so powerful and my myth attacks are useless against them!

Oh yeah, i havent fought meowarty yet, but now that i know he is myth that gonna be a nightmare. Shakes o'leary killed me so much and i had to flee and port to my friend three or four times XD

May 30, 2009
Mine has to be the Black Widow in Knights court, none of my friends will teleport to me and when I finally let her kill me she had 3 absorbs sheilds on her and she kept using pixie after pixie on her and her minion. If would like to help me with that or Jacques the Scratcher, I would love the help!

Jordan Dragonshard
Ice/Balance wizard
Magus Thaumaturge Lv. 35
"May the force be with you"
:D :D :D :D :D

Jun 16, 2011
Lol it would probley be stray cat strut= :x :? omg stary cat strut ugh all in my head!!!!

Aug 17, 2010
Meh, I'd say katzenstein. Meowiarity was easy. Conner Ogrehorn lv.34 Thuergist

Aug 02, 2009
Well jerryhallthomas it took me 12 minuets to defeat Nails.Yea im storm idk how much health.

Oct 24, 2009
Spirial Geographic. Yes I hate that boss in the end. I died 4 times in that tower. 1 pip and can summon a Power/Fire nova. Omg. Imagine when the boss has 14 pips. O___O

I had to start the tower all over again. *draws circles*

Jun 17, 2009
the last boss in big ben because i had to bring a friend and flee and teleport back almost 5 time then when i got to the final boss i called a myth friend to help with the damage and we won and i moved on to ms then ds and now i am in the grand chasm lvl 44 death almost 45

Jul 21, 2009
scotttttttttt wrote:
Freddy Nine lives only for Life and Death though he has 1,000 health and no minion but he is so ANNOYING you have to fight him nine times! May take days if you dont feel like fighting same boss 9 TIMES!

It took ya days? It took me one day to finish him off...But my bro had a harder time. If you need tips, I recomend filling up all your potions, and using them if you really need them in between battles.

Best Wishes With Freddy!

Alyssa Pixiedust♥
Level 33 Therugist♣

May 25, 2009
fireslash1234 wrote:
Well i think the hardes boss in MarleyBone is probably in big ben if anyone knows, In Big Ben there is Milk that could be spilled if you spill like three i think (not really sure) but if you spill all the milk it brought a secret boss. HE WAS HARD and he was fire and my first time through i was fire witch is really bad so thats why he is hard to me.
I had some guy helping me and he spilled the milk 3 times then teleported to regents square before I could report him

Aug 16, 2010
Mine was probally pops o leary because of his health and the minion! i couldnt get him the first time around but then a bud helped me out lv 42 :D
i do think shakes is hard but is most not the hardest.

Wolf HawkRider - Lv 29 thurgest

Feb 07, 2011
sunsword44 wrote:
Two words- Spiral Geographic.

I agree with you. After trying (and failing) to solo the last boss about 6 times, I was able to enlist the help of a friend that I'd done waterworks with a few days before. We couldn't get a group together, so we went at it with just the two of us, and it took somewhere around eight tries before accomplished anything.

The rats were easy- after that, we started getting killed; if my friend died, I'd try to stay alive until he got back, and vice versa. When we finally got rid of the healer, my friend used rebirth- then, we spent the rest of the time buffing ourselves and each other, then one-rounded him: my friend hit him with a Forest Lord, and I followed it with a full-pip (power pip) Judgement; we finally beat him, with less than 500 total health between us.

I know I'll do Waterworks again, but this horror-show? Not on my life, or anyone else's... Not even a million dollars could make me want to do this again.


May 11, 2011
The hardest boss i ever fought was gritier in grizzlehiem . he has 8000 life

Nov 04, 2010
dounuts44 wrote:
Lol it would probley be stray cat strut= :x :? omg stary cat strut ugh all in my head!!!!
Stray Cxat Strut IS A QUEST!!!

Nov 04, 2010
merrickwang wrote:
The hardest boss i ever fought was gritier in grizzlehiem . he has 8000 life
HE meant in marleybone...

Jul 18, 2011
The hardest boss? The hahrdest boss...well it isnt a boss it in a quest but it in MB counterweight east. it the second floor with three monsters. Or clockworks. I died like ten times (More like 5, now 6) and then vowed never to go in there again! It giving me a hard time srsly, i gonna wait till someone helps me :)

Destiny DeathBlood
Lvl 33(almost 34) Death Wizard(obviously)

Grace FireBlood
Lvl 8 (almost9) fire(obviously)

Destiny Winter
Lvl 5(almost lvl 6) Ice(kind of obviously)

P.S. I gonna have another try if i die this time that was the very i repeat VERY last time i go in alone!!!!

Mar 18, 2010
I just got into Big Ben, and I have not tried it yet. But so far the hardest boss is Sprockets. He is in Counterweight east, and is Rank 6.

Dec 31, 2009
1. Spike The Crusher
2. Meowiarty
3. Secret Katzenstein Lab boss
4. (actually this is the most annoying) The guys in Chealsea court who snuck up behind me the other day

May 17, 2011
Aug 06, 2011
Lightsmasher wrote:
It must be the one that if you spill the milk 3 times in big ben a boss pops up.
Its that boss.

Spike the Crusher. Yup. He's so hard that you get a whole new badge for defeating him. And worse, he knows fire up to flamezilla/phoenix! P.S. to those of you who dont know, the badge is Crusher Crusher for defeating Spike the Crusher LOL!

Dec 31, 2011
jerryhallthomas wrote:
I know this is kinda funny but my hardset boss in marelybone was NAILS!
And i'm a master lvl 45 it took me at least 1 FULL HOUR to defeat him!

Who was the hardest boss you fought :D post a comment if you like.

hunter redblood lvl 45

So far the hardest boss I fought in MB is this banshee. She had 2,000 HP and could use cyclops with alot of power ups. And the minion she had wasnt so easy either. (And the only way you can fight the banshee that i fought is by Lydia Greyose giving the quest to you. And only ice wizards at Level 28 can fight the banshee.)

Level 28 Ice Wizard

Nov 18, 2011
i though mewority was easy for me well considering the fact i was with three other wizards and most of them are balance .

Sep 05, 2011
For me it was either bellows on my storm wiz(storm vs. storm is not a good fight)or Kennedy the claw on my myth(once again myth vs. myth not good).

Mar 10, 2012
jasonhercules20 wrote:
I didnt find any of the bosses hard it helps when you have a grandmaster wizard friend helping u

Lol same with me ROTFL

Mar 11, 2011
It is oviously the boss in kensington park. Stoker Has 3,700 health. He also knows Stormzilla!! That is a lvl 42 spell. And most people who face him are ussually lvl 25!! So it is him.

I put alot of the "shock" emotions.