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Apr 08, 2009
Jul 17, 2009
I hate moving around in the streets like when your running and think your
gonna make the enemy just turns, or there too close to the side of the street.

Oct 05, 2009
My least favorite thing about Marleybone is the Hero of Marleybone badge. It is my understanding that you have to beat Kensington Park to earn it, however, in Wizard City you can earn Hero badge without Sunken City and in Krokotopia you can earn Hero badge without Tomb of the Bequilar. Why is this dungeon included? Or (hopefully) is my information incorrect and I just missed a quest somewhere?

Apr 24, 2010
Feb 21, 2010
I have no problem with the darkness. I'm a Necromancer, and I find it kind of suitable (sarcastic laughter). I definitely don't find it too easy. On the contrary, I find it much, much too hard. Of course, I'm a level 28 who's just arrived in Hyde Park, but (and I've said this before) it took me the longest time just to get to Mrs. Conrail. My computer lags because of the graphics, which are beautiful by the way, so it's rather easy for me to get sucked into a duel, but because of the lag not have an opportunity to actually cast a spell. I would go to Grizzleheim and quest over there, but it's so laggy I can't even flee. Please, just add some sidewalks and tone down the graphics a bit!


Victoria Dragonwraith
Level 28 Order of the Fang
"Yeah, I'm dark, spooky, mysterious. Did you hear me say I'm a Necromancer?"