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Argh!!! Please give your thoughts

Jun 07, 2009
I have two quests left in MB....the Big Ben/Counterweight area and Dr. K's lab. While the Big Ben quest is available, I cannot get the counterweight areas or Big Ben to light up or let me access them. I'm so fed up with Dr. K's lab I don't even want to look at it again for a while.

How do I access the counterweight/ben areas (make them light up so I can enter)? Do I have to do Dr. K's lab first? Since I don't see that happening ever, is there a way to progress on to Mooshu without having done Dr. K's lab?

Thanks for any thoughts you might offer.

Aug 24, 2009
no you have to do katz lab then that will take you to the counterweights then big ben

Jun 07, 2009
Thank you. I was so hoping there would be a way to move on without doing that lab. Bah.