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vault of ice - brazier help in keeper of the fang

Mar 15, 2009
I cannot get that third lock to open! I have tried lighting the braziers EVERY POSSIBLE WAY!!! I opened the other 2 locks. I cant leave as it is an instance! Help I am in lincoln area 1 in the brazier room which is thedefender room. I cant leave or i have to repeat all the fights! hurry! my name is Cheryl Unicornheart

Jan 05, 2009
You have to pay attention to the very back how it has um this golden thing with pictures on it. Then it shows like the order it should be.
For example the Braziers turn Red Blue and Purple. Red stands for Fire. Blue for Ice and Purple for Storm. So then after that you check what order it is in. I think the pictures at the back are in the order of Fire Ice then Storm. So that means that Red on the left. Ice on the middle and so on. I hope that helped. lol

Aug 25, 2009

if you would like i can help you i did that dungen 3 times in a row and can get though the fights

my in game name is richard shadowwhisper (level 32)