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Nintrini family!

Jul 18, 2011
Or is that Nintini family? I can never spell it right.... Anyway, that family of kroks is driving me up a tree! I got rid of some easily... but there is one (I cannot remember his name) and I cannot defeat him! I have tried everything, except teaming up with a really high level wizard, but nobody seems interested in helping out a level 18 weakling. Anybody have any tips for getting those overgrown lizards defeated?
Elizabeth Dragonheart

Aug 31, 2011
One thing I would do is buy a henchman. KI was kind enough to give you 75 starting crowns at the beginning of the game. Also, if I ever have trouble with a boss monster, I just take a break and do other quests until I level up! And you should go shopping and find good things to wear that give more health points than what you are wearing. Hope this helps!

May 04, 2013
I know how annoying Nirini family can be. I have troubles too. what i try to do is wear clothing items that give you lots of resist to their type of school. when you are in battle scroll over them and then what they are called show up and below them is the symbol of their school. before you go into battle change clothes that give you lots of resist to that school. because they might do those types of spells often. if your don't want to change clothes just get clothes that give resist to all schools. hope this helped.
Stephanie Fireflame
Lvl 21