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Silver Chests

Dec 26, 2013
After opening Silver Chests in Azteca and receiving some really nice TCs... Efreet, Forest Lord, Leviathan, Sun Serpent, Bone Dragon etc... I think it's funny that those same Silver Chests in Khrysalis seem to have an awful lot of Scarab TCs. Death Scarab, Fire Beetle, Life Scarab. It just seems a bit out of whack to me.

Jan 03, 2010
I'm not in Khrysalis, however, no lie, I was looking at your posts and stumbled across this, lol.

In Khrysalis which is a high-leveled world, the wizards almost have no use for these scarabs. Even with multiple spells (Sun I believe) added onto it, it would make barely a dent in an enemies' health. All silver chests, depending on the world, should maybe have TC's that relate to the levels.

A small problem might be lower levels teleporting to their higher leveled friends and finding these cards, however that's not really a concern. I see where you're coming from, and I believe there should be something done about this.

Hannah GoldenRiver
Level 53