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Pet, House guest, Mount Limit all tied to 50 Space Total

Jul 11, 2009
I love using monstrology and collecting tons of house guests. Basically all of my houses are either filled to decorate or i have many houses just to store the many house guests I have. I am also a pet collector and I have many pet storage houses or a mix between pets and house guests. In decoration placement settings monstrology house guests count as decorations but in regard to the housing limit house guests count as pets. Almost everyone I know on the game either collects mounts, pets, house guests and everything there has a limit of 50 in every area. Yet there is still not an elixir to increase the limit of 50 or the limit is higher than 50 which is way too low in my opinion for all of those things. I am like always fighting trying to decorate my houses and trying to manage the tedious limits set. It always feels like I have to remove house guests or pets just to get important ones that I farm for to decorate my houses with.
I have the Sky City Lemuria themed House and I have mounts moving around in the street with bread crumbs but I also made that house all Lemuria/futuristic themed. I tried to collect all of the Lemuria themed stuff like mobs and bosses and robots that I could but it is so hard to manage pet, mount, house guests to decorate that house as I want. I got different mounts from bundles but cannot add them to that house to finish decorating the street. I have all of the Hall of Hero guys from the Lemuria pack but they count towards the 50 pet limit so they interfere as well. That house is completely maxed out in both areas of the house.

It is not just that Sky City house...literally every single one of my houses is maxed out with either pets, mounts or monstrology house guests whether it is storage or one I decorated. It honestly does not feel fair that there is no way to increase the limit or that monstrology house guests do not count as decoration as they are listed as in bank and backpack. Making all of those have a limit of 50 total is kind of ridiculous in my opinion. I know so many people that have many many houses filled with pets and mounts(like 800+ pets alone). It is almost like they are not allowed to do monstrology because they cannot even fit anything in their houses if they even wanted.

Sep 07, 2017
pets and creatures do have an affect on Fps, too many active items can freeze your screen. Maybe that's why there's a limit?
I notice this constant on house tours that use a lot of pets and castle magic/active spells etc. I have to force quit the game.