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Your Questions and Tips for January 2022 KI Live

Hello and Happy New Year Wizards!

The first KI Live of 2022 will be on Thursday, January 27th at 4pm CT! Watch at https://www.twitch.tv/kingsisleentertainment.

Post your KI Live questions and tips here if you want a chance to have them featured on the show!

ONE question and/or tip PER PLAYER.

Designate in your post whether it is a [Question] or [Tip].

Thank you!

Nov 03, 2010

If you have extra energy you have not used, try fishing in the bundle houses on castle tours.

Depending on the house, you can get, gear, mounts and housing items from chests, and you can sell the fish you got for some hefty gold! Let no energy go to waste!

Jun 27, 2019

So as a badge collector, I am trying to get all the badge in game but there is one that I can't get which is the three street savior badge in wizard city. Since I am a max wizard there is a quest that you have to talk to Gretta but she isn't there. Is there a way that this can get fix? Or remove the quest? I would like to obtain this badge

May 07, 2010
QUESTION: it's been over a year since the 2020 player model update. however, they still have some visual problems, bugs, and limited or missing customization that players have given a lot of feedback on. considering the plans to expand self-expression with features like name changes & more dye colors, when can we expect improvements for our character models to polish & add more options to them?

thank you!

Apr 08, 2015
Happy new year!


Can we get any news when boys we able to wear pink color and change names of our wizard?

Jul 26, 2012
[Question] Why are so many pets from Beastmoon event tagged as No Trade? It makes it harder to feasibly raise and use these pets when they cannot be shared across multiple wizards on an account. You can obtain Beastmoon pets by hatching with other players either directly or through the kiosk, so the No Trade tag doesn't make them harder to obtain - just harder to actually train and use compared to tradeable pets.

[Tip] If you are grouped with other players who have the spellbook icon over their character don't rush into battle. This means they still have their spellbook open and are likely adjusting their deck.

Dec 20, 2012
[Question] Is there a possibility of an event for housing games?

Oct 16, 2014
Is there plans to change the Minion system or will it be the same with further improvements?

Mar 12, 2010
[Question] When will all of the Bugs and issues on Badges be fixed? Karamelle and the Deckathalon Badges are a mess. Here is a link to just one of the many posts on your Forums about Badge issues: https://www.wizard101.com/forum/halstons-laboratory/neat-list-of-badge-bugs-8ad6a4247c0c8ac6017c0f876a9839f9

This link from W101 Central talks about the Karamelle Badges: http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/showthread.php?514979-Bugged-Karamelle-badges/page2&highlight=Badges

And the Wiki Masters are discussing issues with the Deckathalon Badges, like this one:

" ... After further investigation into this matter, there are glitches within the badges on your wizard. Example, where I do not have the badges, there are 4 different spots saying it's for the badge called: Top 100 Myth Deckathlete. If you look on the wiki badge list, the 3rd one down on page one says its Balance Deckathon Finialist, Badge description: Finish the Balance Deckathalon in the top 10 places. However, the image is Dworgyn Defeater. ..."

"Hi all The glitch you are describing is a visual glitch that applies to all badges - hovering over a badge you don't have won't correctly display what the badge criteria is, and shows instead the badge that occupies that slot on previous pages. I'm aware of it and had taken screenshots intending to file a bug report soon ... Thanks Salix"

Apr 18, 2013
Question -
If someone were to begin their first ever Daily Assignment on January 1st, how much Gold, Arena Tickets, and Crowns would they earn by the end of the year?
(the gold awarded is dependent on one's level)

One way to do better in the Deckathalon is to do your quests when the event is not happening and level up. The reason for this is crafted deckathalon decks allow jewels to be socketed and the higher the level the better jewel that can be socketed. Take it from me, I am a Deckath-elite.

Thanks all for the great questions and tips!