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Warning: Use of exploits, gifts from others, and pre-paid giveaways

This post is a merger of other posts from around the forums. The information within is not new.


If you see any such mention of a giveaway, it's an unsafe source looking to obtain access to your account. Report it please.

Protecting Your Account: https://wizard101.com/forum/headmasters-announcements/protecting-your-account-8ad6a42b6cb33647016cd4968f4b461e?page=1


Just as we have all been instructed not to take candy from strangers, so should you know not to accept gifts from strangers. If you don't recognize the gifter or the trade sounds too good to be true, it probably is, so don't accept it.

Reporting someone for 'scamming' you out of Treasure Cards or accepting codes is something we cannot rectify, since you both had to agree to the trade. If what you see in the Trade window is not fair, regardless of what the player told you, don't agree to the trade.

If it turns out a code is charged back or not legitimately paid for we will not be able to help you. Please note, chargebacks can result in a banned account of both purchaser and recipient until the matter is fully resolved.

This is especially important on third party platforms we have no control over, such as trading in Discord chat channels. Discord is not our software and we do not support trades made on it. If you do trade on these platforms, you do so at your own risk.

To be as safe as possible, only accept gifts from real life friends or family members through existing channels in the game.

USE OF EXPLOITS (Don't do it!)

A reminder that while we appreciate the competitive spirit that our new events and the recent acquisition of KingsIsle has brought out in the community, please remember that it is never ok to ruin another player’s fun—whether by taking advantage of exploits or just through unsportsmanlike behavior.

Using exploits to knowingly hack your movement speed, move through walls and gates, enter combat with stats or spells that are forbidden, etc., violate our Terms of Service and can result in action against your account, including the possibility of a permanent ban.

If you see the use of any exploits, in Beastmoon, Deckathalons, or anywhere else in our games, please send a report to Customer Support (include a screenshot if you can). If you see talk of them outside of the game, please let us know too.

If you experience abusive behavior and other extremely negative actions by players that go against our rules and guidelines, especially where the actions may endanger underage players, please use the report tools in-game. Each of those reports goes directly to our team to follow up.

We will never take action on an account without confirming such an action is in violation of community rules, but we want to ensure fair play in the Spiral and will take action to do so if necessary. If you are concerned you may have unintentionally ran across an exploit, please also contact Customer Support and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Also see this important forum post about protecting your account:



Please help us help you to report abuse and other concerns in the community! Here is how you can help and what to look out for: