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Wizard 101 Store idea...

Jun 12, 2008
My son and I were chatting about the Wizard 101 store the other day and how one can purchase stickers, a skateboard deck with a picture of ninja pigs, etc.., when he came up with a simple, yet brilliant idea. He thought all that stuff was cool, but what he really wants is to buy something that has a picture of his character on it.

So, the idea is for KingsIsle to come up with a way to sell customized items with the players pictures! I can take an image off the computer, use iron-on transfers, etc..., but it'd be a lot cooler if one could just buy a customized t-shirt, sticker, deck or whatever!


Dec 12, 2008
i like that!

personally i don't like my character's looks enough yet to actually buy something like this, but i have a friend who's character looks almost exactly like him.

I would like to see different colors of the "school hoodies". for example pick a fire school hoodie and give it a black background, or a life hoodie with a brown background. maybe increase the size a little bit...now i'm rambling...

Good idea all in all, something i'd like to see.

(P.S. As far as i know no other online game does this. Would be a good way to gain a decent 1-up on all the others)