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Unable to see hit points from attack

Aug 11, 2009
With the tall enemies I find it impossible to see the individual impact of a group of wizards’ attack on the enemy. The hit points in red are appearing way above the enemy, so that it does not show on the screen. :(

This is particularly true if the enemy is in the first slot at the top of the screen. :(

With some attacks – because of the animation – the camera angle changes and I can see those hit points way above the heads of the enemy. :)

I like to plan out my attacks and limit the overkill of the spells. By doing this I am better am to plan my attack’s effectiveness and choose the appropriate spell. :)

I wish that the hit points would appear in the same spot no matter how tall the enemy happens to be and be visible no matter the camera angle.

Have fun!! :) :) :)

Apr 03, 2010
Apr 29, 2010
Sep 20, 2008
Well I was watching this video on youtube about someone getting a 40,000,000 million bolt. But I didn't believe it because the enemy was so tall I couldn't see it.

Jul 06, 2009
I hate this problem, too! I was trying to get a huge hit on my storm against Giant Homonculus, but since he was so tall I couldn't see all of the numbers. Hopefully they will change this problem.

Jul 04, 2009
I too am tired of these too-tall monsters having the numbers over their head off the screen (or even having their heads off the screen). I really can't see a reason for the monsters to be more than 2x height of our wizards.

What even worse is the fact that even if I increase the game's resolution (I play the game in windowed mode at 1440 x 900 on my 22" WS 1650 x 1050 monitor), I will temporarily (less than 2 seconds) see more background, but as soon as the camera angle changes I'm right back to the same amount of background as I was on the lower settings ... the only difference is that the icons are now smaller. Do you not offer true support for higher resolution settings?