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Summer Update - LINK new issues here please

This forum thread is for collecting latent issues and concerns specific to the Summer Update released on July 22, 2020.


Please do not post a reply without first locating or creating a separate post for the issue. Link that new or existing post here. A few words of explanation for context with the link is perfect.

Linked reports can come from Halston's Laboratory here in the official forums, the Wizard101 Central forums, social media, or any officially recognized fansite.

Latest Known Issues (New issues will be added to the TOP of the list)
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This list is only issues and bugs and will be updated regularly from your responses below. Do not link references to general dislikes or uncertainty of how a feature works. We will be reviewing those separately.

Thanks Wizards!

Jun 10, 2009
Jan 21, 2010
Dec 26, 2014
Hello i was asked by Support Team to post the scarecrow glitch here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ENCWu4WnUk sorry for lag

Jun 04, 2011
Hi, I noticed an issue with the facial animation with certain wands, specifically those held above the waist.

I created a threat here: https://www.wizard101.com/forum/halstons-laboratory/awkward-facial-animation-for-wands-held-above-waist-8ad6a4277375916f01738233ccba40af?reset=1

I am willing to post a video if need be.

Mar 29, 2015
Im having an issue with crafting the Transcendent Spear Of Nerve. The issue here is that it requires 4 Gnomes! tc but it requires the old version of the treasure card that puts on two dispells and not the new version of Gnomes! that gives you a guiding light. Please try your best to resolve this it sucked getting that 3 amber for it.

Jul 07, 2009
Grub Guardian is randomly crashing as I play it. Also I hope it gets moved to a non-flash service or it'll be gone forever as another way to get prizes

Apr 18, 2013
I was told by Support that if I post here, someone would investigate an issue with Leafstorm trained willcast talent not working as intended.

I created my own Topic on this here:

I first found out about this from post #3 on this thread from Central:

The issue is Leafstorm talent is not allowing an enemy to click on (because it is an aoe), therefore it can't be cast.

Apr 18, 2013
The Fall Scroll offers a reward for Wizard's Watchtower house recipe. The issue is, this house has no known recipe. It is a house that is sold in the crowns shop for either crowns or gold. It is quite affordable too.


Dec 31, 2009
The moondust drops appear to have been removed from beastmoon mayhem. During each event there are 3 gold idols you can craft which need 30 moondust in total. Even if you have 7 wizards and run them all to 425 points, which is the moondust reward, you can only get a total of 28.

This is extremely disappointing considering all the effort it takes to get there.

You need to either up the reward from 4 moondust, of preferably add the drops back in. They were fairly rare last tie the event ran, so I see no issue keeping it that way.

Jul 08, 2014
Grub guardian seems to be having an issue with connecting to a server. I open the app and I try to log in but it won’t let me...

Sep 30, 2009
Mac OSX Catalina constantly crashes. It freezes up if you so much as try to use menu chat while fighting. Or back to back loadings of new areas like in a dungeon when you move from room to room also cause it to freeze and are particularly problematic. Last thing you want is to have to start the dungeon over because it froze. Old mac with old operating system does this far less frequently (though still occasionally)

Dec 10, 2018
Dec 24, 2011
Several problems that are persisting: Daily Assignments not recorded and KI states that developers "are well aware of this problem". I have complained several times. Other issue is loading screen will freeze and I have to restart, I get a message that user id is invalid and I have to quit.

Mar 09, 2013
Nicole Ashheart on Sep 23, 2020 wrote:
Grub guardian seems to be having an issue with connecting to a server. I open the app and I try to log in but it won’t let me...
This is still an issue with Grub Guardian, but I wanted to share some hope for others... Kingsisle reached out to me recently saying:

KingsIsle's developers are absolutely aware of this bug.

Although we do not have an exact ETA as to the resolution we can advise that it has been brought to their attention for a fix.

So, hopefully KI doesn't mind me sharing that, but for those that like GG, fingers-crossed, I think they are listening. KI told me to keep looking on their social media and post here if I have more issues to share.

FYI, Devs, I tried at least 5 user accounts with Grub Guardian and, even after changed these to more complex passwords, then logging in and out of wizard101.com with the same account in the same browser I'm using on freekigames.com to play GG, AND logging into the GG dialog with the same account (that's 3 logins), it still gives me, "An error occurred.", but only AFTER I get to play an entire game. Very similar experience on iOS, but I don't have Android to test that platform. I've tried changing DNS addresses, different computers, different WiFi or wired networking. Nope. I did get a weird dialog sending me to the wizard101.com website to login with my wizard's account--and that did work--unfortunately, that was about a month ago when, for a short time, I was still able to play Grub Guardian. I have paid GG upgrades to many maps and content. Love the game when it works. ;)

May 16, 2009
Hello! I contacted the support team about a bug with the Storm Titan Trident boss in the end of Empyrea. Here is a YouTube video I have posted with this bug. Please pardon the poor quality of the video.


In it, the minions that summon after hitting the boss seem to stack into one circle in the duel ring, usually the third circle on the enemy side. As I have done this boss fight 3 times on my fire wizard with the same glitch repeating, the amount of minions summoned into one circle seems to be contingent on the amount of damage done to the Storm Titan's Trident boss (e.g. more damage means more Myth Refraction minions).

Thanks all for the additional reports! Closing this Summer Update thread to focus on the latest update.