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Recieved Zero Loot from Last Bosses in Waterworks

Feb 22, 2009
After using the new Team-up feature for Waterworks. I played through it with 3 other wizards and it took about an hour to get to the end. After a close call from the spell Ra and another fire wizard going down just before a storm wizard finished Sylster Glowstorm off. I sat there like a kid at Christmas hoping to see that life amulet pop up in loot, only to find that I had received nothing! Not even a reagent of any kind. Like that fire wizard who had died just before, I got zip! And I am wondering if it's because of the new team-up feature or I just plainly received. Even junk, as I usually receive, is better than nothing! Another disappointing day in Crab Alley.

Yours Truly,

A very disappointed customer

If your backpack and bank are full, you will no longer be able to receive regular items as rewards from duels


Jan 25, 2010
I have heard of a glitch where you don't get items sometimes. As for the Waterworks run that's happened to me before where I get junk. As of the getting nothing drop you should clear out your bank and backpacks before you go in to Waterworks from now on. Note: I have done waterworks and have never gotten the Life Mastery Amulet so I ended up using a card to buy it instead with crowns I got from the card. But other than that just keep trying till you get it.

Feb 07, 2011
professor greyrose is absolutely right; that's why i always empty my backpack before going on a waterworks adventure.

my life wiz did get a storm mastery drop on her first run; i've done waterworks probably 1000 times, across 4 different wizards, so it was cool to see that pop up after the battle. but i would give it back, if it meant i could have an easier time getting my gear.

-von "still missing my hat" shadowsong
waterworks warrior x4