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Judge Veg Polymorphs Have No Stats

Jul 18, 2016
Possible Bug:

The polymorphs in the battle with Judge Veg have no stats. There's no damage outgoing, no specific school resistances, power pip chances, shadow pip ratings, or anything! Is this a bug? The reason I see this as a bug is because when you are polymorphed, you have spells ranked 8+, and spells which require a shadow pip. As a vegetable, I find it very hard to defeat Judge Veg, as he will just keep healing himself, undoing the damage you did to him.

The polymorphs last 15 rounds, and every few rounds, Judge Veg can polymorph a random wizard, or anyone he desires. To unpolymorph, either you have to wait the 15 rounds, or Judge Veg himself unpolymorphs you. Both are very unlikely to happen. If you decide to wait the 15 rounds, he will just polymorph you into a random vegetable, and I've never seen the boss unpolymorph anyone, nor have I seen anyone unpolymorph.

Dec 20, 2008
It's definitely either a bug or a massive oversight. You get shadow pip spells while polymorphed yet you can't gain shadow pips. It makes no sense. I really hope that Judge Veg gets rebalanced for the Spring Test Realm or possibly earlier.

Jul 18, 2016
Someone else made a post about this. I decided to make my own post, and report the bug. Luckily, I beat Judge Veg the first time with the help of someone else. I was effective the first round, dealing damage to the boss and almost killing the minion, before I was polymorphed into a vegetable. The other person did the rest. After that, I decided to fight him again to test his cheats and abilities, and he was one of the most annoying bosses I've ever encountered in the game.

I have a few ideas on how to make the battle easier and more fair:

1. Give the polymorphs stats. This will make the polymorphs much more useful. Power pip chance, shadow pip rating, outgoing damage, some resistance (the specific school at least), and pierce would do for improving the polymorphs. If Karamelle creatures have all of that (with the exception of shadow pips, which only bosses possess, as far as I know), why can't the polymorphs be able to have the same stats? The spells are fine as they are.

2. Make the polymorph rounds shorter. 15 rounds is too long. The polymorphs should last 4-6 rounds. If you want an exact number of rounds, I'd say 5 rounds. It's exactly three times as short as what we currently have. I wouldn't go any higher than 6. That way, wizards have a chance at using cards from their main deck, before they get polymorphed again.

3. Make unpolymorphing easier. Right now, it is near impossible to unpolymorph in the battle with Judge Veg, and I've yet to see anyone unpolymorph. Once a wizard is polymorphed, Judge Veg shouldn't polymorph the same wizard into a different vegetable, and should instead polymorph an unpolymorphed wizard. I'm not sure how this would work if you're doing this alone. The best thing that comes to my mind is to cool down the polymorphing cheat, to give wizards a chance to use cards from their main deck, before they do get polymorphed.

I'm open to more ideas and suggestions on how to make the Judge Veg battle easier and more fair for everyone.

I'm not asking for an easy battle. I think the Judge Veg battle should be unique and rather interesting, but neither too easy nor too hard. The only bosses that polymorph wizards are Baba Yaga (she only does it when you're late, but your only card is unhatch, which unpolymorphs you when cast) and the Grandmother (a side quest Boss in Empyrea). It would be interesting to see more bosses polymorph wizards, just as long as the polymorphs are useful, although it's not something I would ask for.