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In Game Moderators

Feb 01, 2009
rlekan wrote:
Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely - not sure I like the idea of players being moderators, lets enhance the reporting tool first.

Personally I have taken the path of reporting people. Hopefully they will enhance the reporting features to give us some stock options that help them streamline the process. Would be nice to have things like:
Codes scams - my person pet peeve
Other (enter text)

Now if they are going to go as far as having real GM's, that would be useful but likely they would be working the reports and not 'playing'

ok i agree with those choices. sometimes i cannot exactly say what i want because it is either a curse word or the reson for the report is too long for the skinny little box. the language, harassment, spamming, code scams, and other is a great idea. and i get ripped off by ten year olds selling false codes for a wild bolt or triton treasure card ( those are the only ones i carry). if KI doesnt do something to make reporting easier then i give all of you reading this a good idea that has worked for me.

ask for the code first then give the card after you try using it. if the person says no or isnt sure if you are telling the truth he/she is either selling a false code or is afraid you are going to steal his code and not pay.

if you dont do that, then the person might have to get reported twice. i have been foolish and forgotten to ask for the code first, and i had to report the person twice because the text box is too small. i reported that kid one time for stealing my treasure cards and once for selling false codes.

it was certainly hard to do as the person removed me right after he stole my card but i text chatted him to tell me the code and he gave me a false code. so i let me go for a while then i made a friend request hoping he had forgotten me. he had and accepted my request but when i ported to report him he fled battle and removed me AGAIN. but i had already reported him the second he accepted my friend request.

i hope i helped all of you that are being scammed by kids, and plz KI do something about the process of reporting someone.
paul fireward, master pyromancer

Feb 08, 2009
I think that would be great. Those who want to help could fill out an application.

Dec 20, 2008
Funny, but I've been having this same discussion in another thread. :)

I belong to another online game where players have the option to report another player and they still have online mods. Those mods don't just monitor behavior, they are also a quick way to get a question answered. On that game the mods are players and that has caused some problems. I would prefer to have KI employ mods. Also, being able to notify a mod online would be faster that having to report when you are dealing with players not on your friends list. The player causing the problem could be addressed then and there, instead of later, as when I might report someone.

Ex: when a player gets into someone else's home and won't leave when asked. A mod would be able to remove them. Another player can't do that. That is just one of several instances I've seen where an online mod would be very useful.


Feb 08, 2009
Swift98 wrote:
Ok i agree with Zigmon, it would just get out of hand, and there are around 2 Million players in Wizard101, But there are also 2 Million moderators. Every player is a moderator, we have the ability to report something wrong and then the person in the right authority(i.e.Mr Lincoln) can do something about it, So technically, this is already implemented in the game.

And give someone a free subscription and crowns just to do a job that Ki can do themselves? thats just not practical, unless you get a 1 hour subscription with 1 crown, which is pretty pointless. Moderators have to be on 7 days a week, just because the majority of the technical staff at Ki are off doesn't mean the moderators are. the have wizards, i.e. calamity boompants and they will just stand in a corner of a crowded place and listen.

And there can't be a moderator everywhere, which is why we were given the ability to report a player. If we were given the ability to hand out sanctions to each other and reward people, this would get out of hand, Imagine, you beat a 'Moderator' at a PvP match, they would report you, and if the mod won, there friend could give them a reward for 'Good Play'? it doesn't make sense yet thats what would happen and once the feature is implemented in the game, the players will turn on themselves, friendship wouldn't matter anymore, it would be about earning crowns.


This feature isn't practical. Ki are doing what they can and its our job to do the rest. we should also be responsible enough to handle open and filtered chat responsibliy, if you cuss, one report can have you permanately muted and there will not be anything you can do about that if you said what you said.

Chill out, its is practical, its like being a special agent in Club Penguin. But only you would have to fill out a much bigger form. I would be happy to do this for free and answer people's questions and help them through dungeons because I know not everyone has friends and not everyone does the same dungeons at the same time.

Jul 16, 2009
very smart idea i agree 100% i'm actually highly surprised this was not brought up before.

Sep 28, 2008
CounterCulture wrote:
very smart idea i agree 100% i'm actually highly surprised this was not brought up before.

In actuality, this has been an ongoing topic started way back in the beginning of Wizards. KI insist that its employees do moderate in most areas of the game. In the year my wife and i have been playing, we have yet to see any. They carry a special badge identifying them.

As such, KI will not empower a "task force" of moderators outside its own employment. This leaves us having to deal with not only the constant "party in such and such tower" or "who needs a boy/girl" and even the constant "work around language" we all have been forced to watch see and read.

The work around language is not impressive and although does show creativity, is still vulgar and rude. Two things we do NOT want our children around. Report them and you can still see them a couple days later doing the exact same thing. Its not only limited to free players only doing this but all types of players. That being free, crown or member. Free players just seem to have the least to lose as they get banded, they simply create a new account and start over.

KI does need to look at the task force of this availible and free resource that they have at their disposal and think hard about implementing what it would take to undertake what would not only benefit them and Wizards but create an even better RPG than what they have already created. One that truly is family and member friendly for ALL players.

James DreamRider
Master of Balance
No Retreat No Surrender
and No One gets left Behind
USArmy Retired

Feb 08, 2009