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Health Glitch

Apr 10, 2013
When I was battling on my fire wizard, whenever I took a hit, my HP on the bottom left wouldn't budge. The only thing that showed my true health was my spell book and my other HP icon (on bottom right, under my char.)
The thing that would update my HP on the bottom left was completing a quest, or entering a new room.
Anyone got a solution for this?

May 02, 2009
:/ That's REEEEEALLY weird...... Whenever i took a hit and no health changed, the enemy normally used a natural attack. While doing this, they were not performing any attack, and stayed within their combat stance. But then their pips and my health adjusted accordingly when the next person or enemy went. Is it like that for you? you really should check with KingIsle Support about that :L XD

- Jared WinterFlame
Legendary Sorcerer