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Better equipment with Eloise Merryweather?

Apr 28, 2012
How can we use Eloise Merryweather to get better equipment? I was under the impression that she could stitch together 2 items and get the stats of both but it doesn't seem to be working that way. What does seem to be happening is the changing the look of a certain piece of clothing by taking the appearance of one and the stats of another. May I suggest that another type of stitching could be done where you combine the stats of both items. This would allow us to have better equipment and I would definitely pay more for this type of stitching.

An error occurs when Eloise Merrweather's seamstress shop is accessed. When you put the cursor over the red 'X', it says equip and not exit. Pressing the red 'X' does exit the shop.

We've already answered your question, young Wizard. You're not reading the posts nor are you reading Eloise's instructions.