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Ambrose not working?

Oct 14, 2009
Hello everyone,
First, I have to say.. My husband and I play this game and we LOVE it. Thanks for maiing such a fun game that families can play together!

With Ambrose.. I believe this happened when I reached 35th level. I received a pop up icon from Ambrose saying that he received a package for me and that I needed to see him right away. When I went to see him, he had nothing for me. He just said he needed to ponder things...

Then the same thing happened when I reached 4oth level. :( When I got the pop up icon, he said something about trouble in Grizzleheim. I went to see him, he just said again that he needed to ponder things. I havent been able to talk to Ambrose much since the beginning of the game.

I'm dying to know what Ambrose had for me at 35th level!!

I hope someone takes a look at this. Thanks for your time.

Neela FairyPants

Aug 18, 2009
This is a know bug

check the Help & Support tab on the left, and look in the Known Bugs section.

Apr 22, 2009
This has been reported before many times and still nothing is done to correct it. I doubt it ever will. False calls by Ambrose. Last time he called me for no reason I put him in intensive care at a hospital. lol

Jun 30, 2009
Dear Wizards,
When that happens, it is called a glitch. When you go to collect mana when you still need more but you can't, that is also a glitch. At lvl 17 my teacher asked me to come but she had nothing for me.
You can write a bug telling them that theses glitches happen a lot. (if they do) and maybe i will because it happens 2 me all the time.
Good luck!!
Samantha Dawnstaff