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Repeat Savarstaad Pass?

Aug 05, 2011
Recently, after working with my wizards through Savarstaad Pass, I noticed that one of them has to repeat it all again.

I have 2 accounts so I can play with 2 wizards at the same time so they can help each other . It happens that my ice wizard is doing quests together with my storm wizard. Having finished Savarstaad Pass I gave a little break from that world and went to do a few quests in Celestia (both wizards are around level 51/52 - storm levels up quicker as it gets more xp in my case). Later, I returned to carry on doing Grizzleheim as I wanted to then get on to do Wintertusk to level up quicker. I had reached, by then, Vigrid Roughland so by going to enter the area I realized that I could access it with my storm but not with my ice. Only then I realized that the quests I had done in Savarstaad Pass had disappeared from my ice wizard! Has anyone else experience this same problem?

Also, both wizards had lost the quest gotten from Zeke - even though I had already collected the yard birds from Savarstaad Pass and Northguard.

Anyway, I just wanted to know if anyone has experienced the same problem and if so what was the feedback on your reporting this problem (in case you have reported it)?